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February 22, 2018
Check In Price

Check in Price is your travel portal focused in railway travel and travel budgeting. We also have guides of interest for travelers interest in living, socializing and working abroad. We cover topics such as: working abroad, dating abroad, salaries worlwide, train travel, visas, and much more.

average minimum salary in beijing china

The average and minimum salary in Beijing, China are useful data for anyone considering investing or relocating to the Chinese capital city
The capital of China is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Learn more about the average and minimum salary in Beijing, China...

where to stay in doha

Where to stay in Doha? Check our guide on the best areas to stay in Qatar's capital, one of the wealthiest and most modern cities in the Middle East
Are you planning to travel to Qatar soon or you have a transit stop in the country? Check our guide on the best areas to stay in...

warsaw airport to city center

Warsaw Airport to city center: learn how to get to the biggest airport in Poland to the center of its capital using various means of transport
Are you traveling to the Polish capital by air? This post will guide on the how to get to the from the Warsaw Airport to the city...

doha airport

Doha Qatar Layover: let's check 5 great options to spend your time if you have a connecting flight with Qatar Airways in this small Middle Eastern country
Are you planning to enjoy your Doha layover while flying with Qatar Airways? Check out below great options on how to enjoy...

vietnam evisa or visa on arrival

Vietnam eVisa or Visa on Arrival? Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of entering and exiting Vietnam using these 2 types of visas
Are you travelling to Vietnam anytime soon? Check the options below and learn how to get an eVisa or a Visa on Arrival to Vietnam, one...

where to stay in Hanoi

Where to stay in Hanoi? Check our gude on the best areas to stay in the capital of Vietnam, featuring a cost of travel and when to visit this amazing city
Are you traveling to Southeast Asia? Check our guide on the best places to stay in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and an...

hanoi to halong bay

Learn in this article how to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay using different transport options, as well as how to buy tickets in this route in Northern Vietnam
Traveling from Hanoi to Halong Bay is one of the most popular tourist routes in Northern Vietnam. Let's learn in...

taiwan high speed rail train

Trains in Taiwan: learn how to buy train tickets online in Taiwan, as well as the main routes and railway services in this beautiful Asian island nation
Travelling to Taiwan? Check our Taiwan train travel guide below, featuring useful information to optimize your trip and enjoy...

vienna old town

Check our guide on the best places to stay in the Vienna, one of the most surprising capitals in Central Europe
If you like the Baroque architecture together with the modern Museums and rich nightlife - Vienna is the place to go. Let's analyze the best places to stay in Vienna...


Learn how to travel by train from Lviv to Warsaw and Krakow, featuring timetables and where to buy tickets for this journey.
Are you traveling from Lviv to Warsaw or Krakow? Check our guide on how to get from Western Ukraine's biggest city to Poland using railways, featuring...