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January 16, 2018

Average and Minimum Salary in Santiago, Chile

Today’s post will be focused on the current average and minimum salary in Santiago, Chile, as well as other economic topics related to the city.

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Santiago is one of the cities with the highest standard of living in South America, attracting people and tourists worldwide. This post featuring salaries in the Chilean capital will help you to understand how the income situation in the country is. This can also be helpful for travelers willing to visit Chile, and people willing to move to Santiago.

Minimum Salary in Santiago, Chile

The minimum salary in Santiago, Chile, established by the Chilean government on June 30, 2016 is 258.000 CLP, which equals to roughly 394 USD as of July 2016. This minimum salary is also applicable to the whole country.

This is the third highest minimum salary in South America, being Argentina and Ecuador the first two.

Average Salary in Santiago, Chile

According to Numbeo, the average net monthly salary is roughly 861 USD.

This figure is tremendously high in comparison to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, whose average salary is 496 USD.

Unfortunately, the cost of living in Santiago is far from being proportional to the income it offers: the rent of an apartment with one bedroom in the center costs 457 USD, which is not appealing at all if you’re planning to move.

If you are still willing to move to the country, Valparaíso is another option with slightly lower incomes but cheaper rents, besides its unique landscapes.

Santiago, Chile Economic Outlook

Even though its cost of living is high, Santiago is the industrial and financial center of Chile, generating 45% of the country’s GDP. Therefore, job prospects are also high, in a mini metropolis that has shown a steady economic growth over the last decades.

Besides a metro with 100 stations along the city and Transantiago, the public transport system, with more than 11,000 bus stops; Santiago also offers the first least expensive taxi start of America, which equals to 0.45 USD.

Santiago is also one of the safest cities in South America, and has a pretty mild climate. Chile as a whole offers some of the best infrastructure for expats looking to find employment or start a business in South America.

Chile Guide

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