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January 16, 2018

Train Travel


This post will feature the most important railway connections in the Czech Republic, analyzing trains from Prague to all countries with direct railway routes
If you are considering using taking a train in Prague to continue a short weekend trip or a long European railway tour...


On this post we will analyse the options to travel by train to Brasov, one of the most touristic cities in Romania in the heart of Transylvania

Brasov is in the heart of Transylvania, the iconic region of Romania famous for among other things... Vlad Tepes, more commonly...


This post will analyse the Montenegro railway network and give an insight for those who are willing to travel using trains in Montenegro.

Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in Southern Central Europe, and used to be a part of the former Yugoslavia. Due to its...

train in czech republic

If you are travelling to Prague, it will probably be useful for you to know how to buy cheap train tickets in the Czech Republic

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, a Central European country which has excellent train connections to most countries in Western...


If you are willing to travel to this Southern city of Belarus, one of the best options is to check the availability of trains from Gomel, Belarus to multiple domestic and international destinations
There are a number of available trains from Gomel, operating on both domestic...


If you are willing to travel in some of the trains from Lublin to Poland, this post will guide you through and explain the best options to reach this quaint Polish town using railway transport.
This article features information on trains from Lublin, and how to optimize your...


If you are looking for information on trains from Vilnius, Lithuania and what options are available in terms of buying the cheapest train tickets in the Lithuanian capital, this page is for you.

Even if Lithuania is a full EU member and also a Schengen member, the country...


If you are willing to by train from Wroclaw, it will be probably one of the best options to get in and out of this Polish city, as flights are not too numerous.

Getting a train from Wroclaw to your destination is the best option in virtually all scenarios, as there are very...


If you are travelling from the Poland to Lviv, the easiest option is often taking a train. This post will give advice on how to travel by train from Lviv to Poland, Warsaw and Krakow.

Lviv in probably the most underrated city in Eastern Europe, while Krakow, Budapest and...