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December 17, 2017

Nice to Eze by Train or Bus

This post shows how to travel from Nice to Eze in the French Riviera by train and bus featuring prices, stations and directions.

If you are based in Nice, it worth to visit for day trip not only the Eze Beach but also the Eze medieval Village on the top of the mountain.

nice to eze train bus
Eze, France. Photo by Jadh Gonzalez

Eze is a relatively small and private beach, with some restaurants by the sea. The beach of Eze has clear waters with an emerald green tone. With stones in place of sand the beach is aimed at the local public. Consequently, the beach is not really busy, which makes the place even more charming.

The medieval village of Eze is located high on a hill above the French Riviera, in Provence. Besides the beautiful and charming with a medieval architecture, the view from Eze Village is breathtaking. You are able to see the coast with the contrast between the cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea.

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Nice to Eze by Train

As soon you decided to go to Eze, it is important to consider the best way to get there.

The train departs from Nice-Ville Train Station towards Eze Sur Mer. It is the best option if you are going direct to the beach. The Eze Sur Mer station is just 1-minute walk to the beach. Compared to the bus, it is a faster option. The ticket cost €2.80.

However, if after enjoy the beach you decided to go to Eze Village, you have to take the bus 83 in the Eze Sur Mer. On high season, the bus leaves every 15 minutes.

To find out more information about the train timetable check out the Rail Europe website.

Nice to Eze by Bus

However, if you prefer, you can also take the bus from Nice to Eze.

By bus departing from Nice, there are two options to reach Eze Village. You can either take the bus 82 Plateau the la Justice or the bus 112 Monte Carlo. Both depart from the East side of Nice. So, the buses can be taken on city centre of nice, near the port, and stop on the entrance of Eze Village. The bus ride to the medieval village of Eze usually takes half-an-hour.

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There is also the bus 100 towards Monaco. However, this one is suitable if you are going just to Eze Beach. The bus 100 stops on Eze Sur Mer train station, near the beach. In this situation, if still want to go to the Eze Village, you have to take the bus 83 in the Eze Sur Mer, towards the Village.

The buses cost €1,50 each journey.

To find out more information about bus routes in Nice, click here to access to local bus routes.

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