Australia GTES Visa Program to Assist Local Startups

Australia’s new GTES Visa program is expected to help Australian startups. Find out more about this program.

Many economies often rely on all sorts of businesses to stay afloat. From large corporations to small startups, they play a part in the economy. But, small startups often find it difficult to get workers locally and have to get workers overseas. To make it easier for these startups to get foreign workers, Australia introduces the GTES Visa program.

On Monday, the Australian federal government announced that they will be making their Global Talent – Employer Sponsored Visa Program (GTES Visa) permanent to help companies get highly-skilled talents for the industry. The government also hopes to boost the startup industry now growing in Australia.

The GTES Visa Up Close

According to Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews, the GTES Visa program has a long-term effect to the national economy. It will also help give Australians jobs which many need.

In her statement for ZDNet, Andrews said “This program will help provide our tech companies with the skilled workers they need to be able to do business here in Australia and grow.”

Sydney, Australia

The GTES Visa is also expected to give startups means to grow, which will then help the economy by providing jobs and opportunities for Australians. Once the GTES Visa is in full effect, the government also believes it can affect other industries like sales, finance and marketing.

The visa program is also the country’s response to the growing competition brought by global companies looking for premium talents. With the new program, startups and other local businesses can also get premium talents to join them.

To use the program, Australian startups can get up to five visas per year. Larger companies can get up to 20 visas per year.

Of course, companies must be able to prove to the government that they cannot find talents locally. They can then apply for the visa program with their proof.

How to Work in Australia

Aside from the GTES Visa program, Australia has other work visas available for workers to apply for. The SkillSelect program is open to skilled workers and business people who wish to migrate to Australia. DoctorConnect is for doctors who wish to work in regional, remote and rural Australia. Employer sponsored workers can also get visas for their workers.

To find out more about these visas and how to apply for them, interested parties can check out the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

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