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October 20, 2019
Ai Mori

Ai Mori

My name is Ai Mori and I am from Karatsu, Japan. I ice skate and travel during my free time. It is nice to meet you all.


The rising rate of the Thai Baht is causing tourists and expats to worry. What is it doing?
Thailand's national currency, the Baht, is appreciating in value in the past couple of years, and its impact is now being felt across the country. In the case of the country's tourism...

Australia regional visa

There are some changes for the Australia regional visa program. What are these changes?
For some migrants, they believe that it would be easier to get permanent residency if they lived in rural areas. In Australia, several areas are quite rural and these areas often have a...


Dubai starts its new cultural visa program for creative people. Find out more about this new program.
Dubai is investing heavily in bringing in more people to the country. From tourism to working visas, the government is looking for more ways to make it easy for foreigners to...

Amsterdam to charge overnight tax

Amsterdam is going to increase its overnight tax. Which visitors will have to pay for it?
Visiting Amsterdam is very expensive for many tourists. It has one of the highest tourist taxes in the region. However, it seems like it will be increasing their overnight tax again to...

Peterhoff Palace

Russian eVisa is now available for 53 countries starting this October. Find out which countries are included in this list.
As one of the largest countries on Earth, Russia is home to a lot of great natural and man-made destinations. Many tourists dream of seeing these sites...

Geneva, Switzerland

The new Swiss Residence Permits will now have a credit card format. Find out what else will be in the new permits.
When it comes to residence permits for foreigners, it is usually in paper. Some countries use laminated cards or passports to serve as their residency cards. For...

Manila International Airport

All systems go for the construction of Manila International Airport. Find out more about this important deal below.
For tourists who wish to fly to the Philippines, they can opt to fly to the country's hub, Ninoy Aquino International Airport. However, the airport's three...

Work visa incentives in South Korea

South Korea will add work visa incentives for foreign workers. See what will be offered.
Many foreigners migrate to South Korea for work. Many industries are in the country for all types of workers and various work visa incentives have been introduced. Today, the government...

Work Visa in New Zealand

New Zealand introduces its new work visa policy. Find out what the new visa is like.
Work visa is one of the major requirements for foreigners to work in a foreign country. However, it can be tricky to get one depending on where you are applying. In New Zealand, getting this...

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