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May 31, 2020
Mei Manuel

Mei Manuel

I am Mei from the Philippines. I write for a living and sometimes can be found sipping Earl Grey tea.

Credit Suisse's 2019 World Wealth Report

The new top 10 countries which have the most millionaires list is out. Check out which countries made the cut.
When it comes to millionaires, most of us think that they are mostly in Europe or in the United States. However, with the different industries now aiding other...

China 144 Hour Travel Visa

More Chinese cities are now offering China's 144-Hour Transit Visa. See which cities are now offering the transit visa below.
Visiting China is not very easy, especially with its visa policy. However, with the popularity of traveling, China is slowly opening its visa policy...

Croatia to join the Schengen area

Croatia is now ready to join the Schengen area according to the European Commission. Check out their recommendation below.
Being a member of the European Union's Schengen Area has many benefits. Citizens from member countries can travel without a visa and the flow of goods and...

Visit Myanmar

Tourism in Myanmar is lower this year according to a latest analysis. Why did it drop this year?
For those who wish to travel Asia but don't want to go to the usual places, Myanmar is a great place to visit. It has great historical and cultural attractions, as well as...


Etihad is going to start its very own low cost airline. Find out more below.
Many major airlines and those who wish to enter the air travel industry launch low-cost carriers. These carriers cater to tourists with a budget and reach domestic airports easily. The newest major...

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Brazil and Argentina are working on a joint visa program for Chinese visitors. Find out the details below.
Chinese tourists are often the largest number of tourists recorded in certain countries worldwide. They go around countries in groups and they bring in a large revenue...

Saudi eVisa

US, British and Schengen visa holders are now eligible to apply for a Saudi eVisa. Find out why below.
Saudi Arabia has a very strict policy when it comes to those who can visit the country. Foreigners have to get a work, business and pilgrimage visa to get into the country...


Iberia is now offering a long stopover at Madrid. Find out more about it below.
Madrid has a lot to offer to tourists no matter what kind of sites they wish to see. The city has historical and cultural attractions, as well as events that will educate people about Spain...

Qatar residence permits

Qatar is adding new rules to its residence permits. Check out the new rules below.
Retaining one's residence permits, as well as applying for one, often entails several rules and regulations for holders to follow. For some countries, their requirements are very strict and often...

Venice tourist tax

Venice will now charge a special Venice tourist tax to all its visitors and guests. How much will it be and what should tourists expect?
Venice is one of Italy's most visited cities. Tourists often fill its streets no matter what season it may be. However, with the number of...

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