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October 19, 2019
Mei Manuel

Mei Manuel

I am Mei from the Philippines. I write for a living and sometimes can be found sipping Earl Grey tea.

Russian citizenship

Russia is considering relaxing its citizenship requirements. Find out what are in the discussions below.
Russia has one of the strictest visa and citizenship policies in the world. Considering the landmass it covers, Russia does need to ensure no one gets in that should not be...


Expat numbers in Oman are growing. Find out the numbers and how it is increasing.
Oman is a favorite for many expats who wish to live in the Gulf region. It is said to be the friendliest Gulf nation and one of the safest. Work opportunities are available, key infrastructures...

Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan increases its visa free list with 12 new countries. Find out which countries made the cut.
Kazakhstan's tourism has been growing rapidly for the past couple of years because of its government's campaign to drive in tourism. Thanks to the fact it has the ninth largest...

Adria declares bankruptcy

Slovenia's major airline "Adria" declares bankruptcy. Find out why this happened below.
The airline industry has been growing rapidly in Europe for the past decade. Many airlines are trying to cash in on the tourism boom and offer cheap flights and tour packages to travelers...

Cyprus residence permits

There is a surge of UK citizens getting residence permits in Cyprus. Why is there an increase?
Cyprus has one of the largest British expat communities in the world. They tend to see the country as a Mediterranean paradise, allowing them to escape the dreary weather of Britain...

Thomas Cook Airlines

Long-time airline Thomas Cook Airlines goes bankrupt. Find out why they declared bankruptcy.
One of Britain's longest travel company, Thomas Cook, opened opportunities for many British citizens to travel around the globe. They have their own fleet of 50 medium and long-range...

Yanagawa, Fukuoka, Japan

Japan says there is a decline on the number of tourists from South Korea. Find out more about it below.
Both South Korea and Japan have been at odds since last year with regards to their political position over North Korea. Because of their disagreement, it has affected other...

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