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October 19, 2019
Mei Manuel

Mei Manuel

I am Mei from the Philippines. I write for a living and sometimes can be found sipping Earl Grey tea.

Windhoek, Namibia

Namibia revises its new visa policy. See how it can improve the country's economy below.
Foreign investment is an important part of any country's economy. It brings business and jobs for the country, as well as open other opportunities. For some countries, foreign investment is...

Toronto, Canada

There is a spike of US visitors coming into Canada. Find out why there is a sudden increase below.
Canada is the nearest travel destination for many Americans. Americans can fly to the northern country or travel through their shared border. It offers a lot of benefits for...

The Czech Republic is revising its visa policy for foreign workers. Check out what changes will be applied.
The Czech Republic is very popular for tourists who like to see unique architecture that dates back to the Medieval times. Foreign workers also see the country as a...

Goa, India

India is currently attracting foreigners with its new India eVisa policy. Find out more below.
For many travelers, they are need an India eVisa in advance to enter the country. However, some are finding it difficult to get the visa due to the complicated rules to get one...

Labor Day Travel

US Labor Day may break passenger records this year. Find out more about this assessment.
US Labor Day is one of the most anticipated holidays in the year. Americans can fly to nearby destinations for a short break during this time and not feel rushed during their holiday...

Dubai Mosque

Dubai reports a huge spike in its tourist arrivals this year. Check how much saw Dubai early this year.
Dubai is a major hub for tourists since the country expanded its major attractions for foreign tourists. May it be religious sites to modern attractions, the city has it all...

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic reports a high volume of Schengen visa applications. Find out more below.
For those interested in flying to the Czech Republic, travelers will need a Schengen visa or a Czech visa. The country is home to some of Europe's well-preserved medieval cities...

Dublin Airport

Norwegian Air is no longer flying from US to Ireland. Find out more about this announcement.
Norwegian Air is Norway's largest airline and one of the low-cost carriers in the region. It has several long haul flights, which include transatlantic flights to North America...

London, United Kingdom

The weakened British Pound is bringing in tourists to the country. Find out more below.
The British Pound is one of the most powerful currencies in the world. When it weakens, many people take advantage of it and purchase a lot before it increases in value. For some, they use...

Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is now requiring travelers to get a NZeTA before flying to the country. Find out more about this announcement.
New Zealand do not usually require some travelers to get a visa before they go to the country. However, as part of its efforts to protect the country's...

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