Average and Minimum Salary in Baku, Azerbaijan

This post will bring data featuring the average and minimum salary in Baku, Azerbaijan. Due to its oil reserves, it’s the richest city in the Caucasus

Considering investing in Azerbaijan? Check the data for the average and minimum salary in Baku, Azerbaijan.

mnimum salary in baku azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan – Photo by David Davidson

Analyzing the cost of living before visiting a city is useful, especially if you’re planning to visit Baku. This post is a short breakdown of its economy Baku, capital of one of the youngest countries in the world. Baku is the commercial hub of Azerbaijan, and its 2.2 million inhabitants enjoy of a rather high quality of life compared to its neighbors.

Minimum Salary in Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the main exporters of oil and its salaries are heavily influenced by this industry. Due to that, salaries in Baku are higher that in the rest of the Caucasus region. As of January 2022, minimum salary in Azerbaijan is of 300 Azeri manats, or roughly $170.  The minimum salary in Baku is considerably higher, although the rate is nationwide. Source Azernews.

Average Salary in Baku, Azerbaijan

The average salary in Baku is of approximately $350 in Baku as of 2022. Rent, utility bills and transport cost around $300 per month. Many international banks have offices in Baku. HSBC, Societe Generale and Credit Suisse to name a few. As a result Baku has a higher average wage than any other city in Azerbaijan. More information available from the Azerbaijan Statistics Office.

Here are some average salaries in Azerbaijan by profession and sector:

Mining(Mining Engineers, Miners): 3550 AZN per month.

Construction(Builder, Civil Engineer):  757 AZN per month.

Tourism(Hotel receptionist, tour guide): 453 AZN per month

Financial and insurance(banking): 1707 AZN per month

IT (developers, support): 1100 AZN per month

The International Bank of Azerbaijan and Baku Stock Exchange also contribute to the higher figures.

Statistics show that a skilled professional earns $2500 per month. This figure is not completely accurate. It takes into account the very top earners. Their salaries are in excess of $10000 per month.

With Baku being a financial hub this gap in salaries is hardly surprising.

Baku Azerbaijan Economic Outlook

Baku’s cosmopolitan vibe brings in a lot of tourism. Its location on the Caspian Sea is a good holiday destination. In 2009 hotels in the city alone generated over 7 million Euros income.

With a steady oil production and a hub for many international offices, Baku is welcoming to businesses and expats alike.
Azerbaijan is probably the only country in its region growing at high rates during this decade. The growing number of luxury hotels and office skyscrapers are the evidence of that. Furthermore, Baku maintains a steady growth, and it could become a go to world capital.

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