Average and Minimum Salary in Macau, China

Average and minimum Salary in Macau: discover the most recent data, featuring also an economic outlook of this Chinese special administrative region

This post features an analysis of the economy of this Chinese Special Administrative Region, listing the average and minimum salary in Macau.

salary in macau
The Venetian Macao. Photo by Tristan Schmurr

Macau (also spelled Macao) is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of China, being the other one Hong Kong. Macau and Hong Kong share not only a very close geographic location, but also history. While Hong Kong was under British rule for 99 years, Macau used to be Portuguese colony.

Today, Macau biggest trading partner is Hong Kong. Pataca, the national currency, is pegged to the Hong Kong Dollar.

Minimum Salary in Macau

The minimum salary in Macau as of January 2021 is of 6656 Macanese patacas per month. That is equivalent to approximately 833 US dollars, as of January 2022. This minimum salary applies to security workers and cleaners, and can help expats to understand better the economic situation in Macau. The data is provided by the Macau Official Gazette.

Minimum wages can vary greatly in Macau, and casino dealers for example, earn way more than this minimum salary.

Macau is in the course of implementation of an universal minimum salary, but as of January 2019, the wages and guidelines are yet to be concluded.

Average Salary in Macau

The average salary in Macau as of 2021 is MOP 21,000 or approximately USD 2630. Macau has a considerably lower average salary than Hong Kong, but it is still much higher than in mainland China.

Economic Outlook in Macau

Tourism and gambling are the main economic sectors of Macau. Macau is famous mostly for its casinos, which attracts millions of visitors (mostly from Mainland China) every year.

Banking is another important economic sector in Macau. Most expat jobs in Macau are related to the banking or tourism industry. There is also a big demand of foreign workers to perform low skilled jobs in Macau.

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