Average and Minimum Salary in Tbilisi, Georgia

In this post we will analyze the average and minimum salary in Tbilisi, Georgia. Figures which can be helpful for tourists and expats in the country

Considering moving to Tbilisi? Check the data for the for the average and minimum salary in Tblisi, Georgia.

minimum salary in tbilisi, georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia. Photo by Emil Stefanov

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia with 1.5 million inhabitants populating around 8 sq miles of land. Tbilisi’s mountainous location is very attractive for tourists. The city is close to the Black sea and gets a number of transiting tourists who are heading to the coastal towns such as Batumi.

Minimum Salary in Tbilisi, Georgia

As of January 2023 there is no official minimum salary in the country of Georgia. In Tbilisi minimum monthly wage tends to be somewhere around at $200 per month. If you’re thinking of traveling or relocating to Tbilisi for work, it is best to find jobs, which pay in strong currencies such as USD or Euro.

Tbilisi is the best of both worlds for expats. It is very modern and cosmopolitan whilst surrounded by beautiful nature and mountains.

Average Salary in Tbilisi, Georgia

As of 2022 the average salary in Georgia 1250 GEL or approximately reached $450 per month. Average monthly salary for women is at 950 GEL per month according to Georgian Statistics Office. It is not surprising that the salaries are much higher in the capital with Tbilisi generating almost 50% of GDP. A number of foreign multinationals have branches in Tbilisi, including Ernst & Young.

Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the capital will set you back around $220 per month with monthly bills and travel costs at $80 per month.

Tbilisi and Georgia Economic Outlook

With unemployment rate at an all time low, only at 12%, the country is surely stabilizing itself in economic terms. Many high tech Silicon Valley firms are having talks of setting up offices and start-up bootcamps. This will not only increase employment but will also generate strong currency and foreign business flocking to the country.

Georgia also has high interest rates. This attract a number of foreign investors to invest in local banks and boost the finance industry.

Finally, Georgia has a very flexible visa policy and low taxes. For that reason, many expatriates are moving to the country.

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  1. I want to get information about Georgia economic conditions and also how many Pakistani peoples working there,,,,thanks

    • The economy is relatively good, especially when compared to other countries in the region. For information regarding Pakistani nationals in Georgia I would recommend contacting your local embassy or consulate.

  2. hi,
    i am am expat in dubai i work as a production adm
    nisstration, can i get a job easily in tbilisi?

  3. Hi,
    What is the salary range for front office / reservation agent / front office guest relations of hotels of Georgia?
    Per hour basis or monthly basis

  4. Hi,
    1)Just want to know how much is the average salary for Restaurant supervisor ( if hired from India) ?
    2) Some agency say Georgia don’t give work visa but TRP. In that case what type of turest visa I can enter the country and what documents the Georgian company should provide before I left from India.
    Thank you

  5. Could you please tell me how much will come to Web Developer Salary? Just give me an idea. for Junior or Mid label Web Developer Monthly Basis.

    • a Junior web dev is probably going to get somewhere under 1000 USD / month. Depends on the technologies you work with though.

  6. Hi,
    1- What is the procedures for a foreigner to establish an LLC company in Tbilisi.
    2- Is there any restriction on importing salvage, closeout and electrical appliances.

    • The requirements to open a company in Georgia are pretty low (both in terms of bureaucracy but also of min capital), Georgia is currently one of the highest ranked countries in the economic freedom index.

  7. I am a nurse and planning to relocate to Tbilisi, Georgia. Please what is the possibility of finding a job there and what is the average pay for a registered nurse with BSc ?

    • Hi.
      Firstly, it will depend on your diploma recognition. I would firstly contact a medical university in Georgia to ask about the diploma recognition requirements.

  8. Philip.
    Hi am an experience printer, i can handle any print project from design to Post press, i am planning to relocate to Georgia. is it possible to land a Printing job in Georgia?

  9. hi
    i want to know that is there any job position for psychologist (PhD) in Tbilisi, as therapist, researcher or in University board?

    • Firstly I would recommend you to contact the University directly in regards to your diploma recognition in Georgia. You will need that to continue your studies or work within your field in Georgia.

  10. Hi ,i am Gideon am electrica electronic engineer ,and also fuel dispenser technician making self employed ,will i find a gas station to attach as their technician?

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