Average and Minimum Salary in Athens, Greece

Average and minimum salary in Athens, Greece: let’s understand the dynamic of the Greek economy and the wages in its capital

Are you visiting Greece or considering investing in this country? The data for the average and minimum salary in Greece are a great resource to analyze the economic outlook of the country.

average minimum salary athens greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also considered the place of birth of the Western civilization, and doubtlessly has a lot of history. However, the country is in a difficult economic position. Let’s see how Athenians are handling the economic turmoil in the country, and what perspective they have for the upcoming years.

Minimum Salary in Athens, Greece

Just like most countries in the Eurozone, Greece does have a minimum wage policy. The minimum salary in Athens, Greece, is of  €773.50 per month as of 2022. It is paid in 14 installments per year so the actual monthly figure is 663 euro per month plus the extra instalments. The minimum salary applies to all of the country. The minimum salary in Greece is currently lower than those in Spain and Slovenia.

The Greek crisis reflected directly in the salaries in Athens. Greece had a minimum salary 800 euros a month just a few years ago, however, the economic conditions in the country forced the government to reduce its minimum salary. The official minimum salary in Greece hasn’t changed since 2012.

Average Salary in Athens, Greece

The average salary in Athens is pretty close to the minimum wages, and currently hovers around 820 euros per month. Unemployment and underemployment add up to maintain Athens to have some of the lowest average wages in the Eurozone.

Greece however, still reserves good opportunities for foreigners. The tourism industry, one of the biggest in the country, has segments which are still coping good despite the current hardship in the country.

Athens, Greece Economic Outlook

As the capital of Greece, Athens is struggling with the country’s economic situation. However, there are some reasons to believe that the situation is improving in Athens, even if slowly. Unemployment in Greece and Athens is decreasing from its all time highs, which is a positive sign.

Athens also gathers headquarters for a number of Greek companies, and regional offices for some European companies. As cost of labour is decreasing in Greece, the city has a good chance of attracting more foreign investment, as long as costs keep low. The tourism sector, is one offering the best employment and investment opportunities for foreigners in Greece.

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