Average and Minimum Salary in Bogota, Colombia

In this post, we will analyze the average and minimum salary in Bogota, Colombia an excellent place for expats enjoy a low cost of living

Considering moving to the pleasant nation of Colombia? Check the up to date data for the average and minimum salary in Bogota, Colombia.


Bogota, Colombia. Photo by mariusz kluzniak

Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia. It is also the economic and industrial center of the country. The World Cities Group and Network ranks this city as a beta-level city.

Today’s post will concentrate on Bogotá’s economy, particularly on its minimum and average salaries. This numbers will help you have an insight and will guide you in any venture you embark on in this city.

Minimum Salary in Bogota, Colombia

According to this site (in Spanish), The minimum salary in Colombia is 1.000.000 COP per month as of January 1, 2022; which roughly equals to USD 248. There is also a transport subsidy in the amount of 25 USD per month. This minimum wage rate also applies to the capital Bogota.

Average Salary in Bogota, Colombia

The average salary in Bogota, Colombia as of 2020 is COP 1300000, which is approximately USD 340. This figure is very low in comparison with the highest average salary worldwide (in Luxembourg).

Even though the average and minimum salaries of Bogotá, Colombia are low; the cost of living is very convenient. Thus, it serves as an excellent alternative for your budget.

Bogota Economic Outlook

In restaurants; domestic and imported beer, cappuccino, and water are among the cheapest worldwide. In markets; milk, local cheese, and most of fruits and vegetables are also low-cost in comparison to the rest of the world.

Bogota Skyline. Photo by Lorna Philipps

Rent and utilities prices are not very cheap, though. An apartment with one room outside the center costs USD 310. Adding up basic utilities, you almost got nothing left. However, sharing an apartment with a friend or group of friends is always the best solution. With three rooms, an apartment costs USD 529. If there are three people, you only pay off USD 176.

And you will be able to enjoy the low cost of living of the city.

If you don’t know where to start, Jobs in Bogotá offers alternatives to work for English speaking professionals in administration, law, marketing, and many other professional areas.

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