Average and Minimum Salary in Copenhagen, Denmark

Average and minimum salary in Copenhagen, Denmark: useful figures for expats willing to move to this Nordic country

The average and minimum wage in Copenhagen, Denmark show why this Scandinavian country is still one of the most attractive places for expats willing to boost their careers. Denmark, a full European member, has one of the highest salaries and standards of living in the world.

salary in copenhagen denmark

Below we have the data for the average and minimum salary in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Minimum Salary in Copenhagen, Denmark

There is no official minimum salary in Copenhagen and in Denmark as a whole. However, as of 2024 most minimum wages in the country hover around 110 DKK per hour (roughly 16 .60 US dollars).

The average working week in Denmark is of 37 hours. The expected minimum salary in Copenhagen for a full time position (gross) is of around 17000 DKK, or 2580 USD per month. It is important to remember that these are gross figures and taxes are ridiculously high in Denmark (in some cases, above 50%).

Average Salary in Copenhagen, Denmark

As in most highly developed welfare states, the difference between the minimum and average salary tends to be very low. According to numbeo, the average salary in Copenhagen is of around 3120 US dollars after tax, roughly 21280 DKK.

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Copenhagen, Denmark Economic Outlook

Denmark is a developed welfare state with services as the most relevant economic sector with 73.5% of its economy. This is typical among almost all developed economies.

The country has a strong demand for foreign workers in high skilled sectors. For these positions, the knowledge of the Danish language is rarely required. Among the fastest growing economic sectors of Denmark we have IT, R&D, pharmaceuticals, beverages and also energy markets.

Copenhagen is usually a good option if you have already some experience in your field and a job offer in Denmark. Salaries in the country are higher than the average for the European Union, and the quality of life follows the same trend.

The Danish capital also offers jobs for low skilled positions, however for most of them it is much harder to get a sponsored work permit. These jobs are usually filled by EU citizens or third country nationals with other grounds to reside and work in the country.

Another thing to consider, is that Denmark has pretty high taxes. If you want to open a business  in Copenhagen, you may want to check the costs of your operation carefully, to assure your business is viable.

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