Average and in Minimum Salary in Bucharest, Romania

Average and minimum salary in Bucharest, Romania: let’s analyze the prospects of one of the fastest growing economies in the EU

The  average and minimum salary in Bucharest, Romania give a nice insight of this Southeastern European country, which is growing steadily in the past few years.

minimum salary in Romania

Since the fall of Ceaucescu, Romania has migrated from a planned economy to free trade in a market economy. Romania today is a full European Union member, and one of the fastest growing economies in the bloc.

Minimum Salary in Bucharest, Romania

The minimum salary in Romania rose ten times its nominal value in less than 20 years. This helps to explain the transformation that the Romanian economy is facing, attracting a number of companies, investors and immigrants to the country.

Currently, the minimum salary in Bucharest, Romania is of 2080 RON or €437. This figure is valid for the whole territory of Romania and is likely to rise once again in 2020. You can use this Romanian website to calculate your net salary in Romania. These figures are gross.

Average Salary in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest concentrates most of the wealth in the country, however other Romanian cities also attract foreign investment. As the capital of country, it is no surprise that Bucharest has the highest average salary in Romania.

The average salary in Bucharest is currently around 3881 Romanian Lei, or about € 820. It is important to stress on the fact that the cost of living is also the highest in the capital, especially when it comes to renting an apartment.

Bucharest, Romania: Economic Outlook

Romania’s economy is very diversified, and Bucharest is booming for a number of factors. There are opportunities in a number of sectors, including the industry and services.

Despite the recent rise in Romanian wages, salaries in the country remain low for European standards. Romania has however, a talented workforce, and good education institutions. This scenario allows company to maximize their efficiency and profits while operating in Romania. Bucharest is a livable city, and safer than most Western European capitals, attracting more and more qualified staff to reside in the city.

For foreigners willing to invest in the country, there are many opportunities, especially in IT. The qualified workforce combined with low labour costs attract many Western European companies that open branches or even relocate entirely to Romania.

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