Average and Minimum Salary in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In this post, we will look into the figures for the average and minimum salary in Ljubljana, as well as the currenc economic conditions of Slovenia

The average and minimum salary in Ljubljana are helpful data to understand the dynamics of this relatively young European nation. This post is ideal for expats willing to relocate and understand the job market conditions in the country.

average and minimum salary in Slovenia
Piran, Slovenia. Photo by Pedro Szekely.

Slovenia is probably one of the former Yugoslavian countries with the most thriving economic history is very successful. Today it is a country with the stable and prosperous economy. This was most noticeable during the period between 1995-2008, and it is the first among new European Union countries to accept the Euro as its currency.

The factors that contribute to its economic success are good infrastructure and highly educated workforce. Also, it is important to mention that it is the major transportation crossroad in Central Europe.

Slovenia is also a member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development since 2010, with its primary industries being agriculture, forestry, and fishing. Slovenia’s trade is mostly oriented towards its European Union partners and other Western countries. Ljubljana, the country’s capital and largest city, is also the wealthiest in this small alpine nation.

Minimum Salary in Ljubljana, Slovenia

There are no high variations between the minimum and average wages in Ljubljana, as in Slovenia as a whole. As of 2020 the minimum salary in Ljubljana is of 700 euros net and 940 euros (gross) per month. Regionally, it is a much higher figure compared to its neighboring country Croatia.

Also, the minimum wage includes full-time work (8 hours per day). The minimum salaries are mostly among occupations such as sales retail and some services positions.  The minimum wage in Slovenia is in accordance with the Minimum Wage Act. Slovenia has a relatively low percentage of workers on minimum wage, however the average wage in Ljubljana is not that high either.

More info can be found on delo.si (in Slovenian).

Average Salary in Ljubljana, Slovenia

As previously stated Slovenia and its capital city of Ljubljana have a pretty stable economy. The average wages in Slovenia vary greatly depending on the position and field. Legal, marketing and management jobs are among highest paid. The average salary in Ljubljana is of around 1100 euros net.

Slovenia is not much of an expat hub, unlike its neighboring Austria or Hungary. However, there are many positions available in technology related fields, such as IT and data analysis.

Economic Outlook in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the economic and most important center of Slovenia. The most important economic sectors are petrochemicals and food processing. Also, pharmacy sector is not far behind. Other fields include construction, finance, banking, transport, skilled trades and services and tourism.

Even if the Economy of Slovenia is not showing a strong growth in recent years, it is still in a relatively comfortable position. Unemployment is relatively slow and the country has one of the best standards of living among those who joined the EU in the past decades.

Most non-tech related jobs in Slovenia will require a good knowledge of the Slovenian language. However, if you are working with IT or other high tech fields, there are less language requirements. Many of these jobs are available for English or German speakers.

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