Average and Minimum Salary in Managua, Nicaragua 2022

Check the average and minimum salary in Managua, Nicaragua, a turbulent Central American nation

Considering investing or visiting Nicaragua? Check the data for the average and minimum salary in Managua, Nicaragua in 2022

salary in nicaragua
A beach in Nicaragua. Photo by Alba Sub Fotografia

Nicaragua is a country of the central part of America. Its biggest city, Managua, is the capital city of the country. Its economy faced some complications after the 1972 earthquake. But it’s currently rather stable, although the country remains mostly poor.

The first part of this text explores the minimum and average incomes of Nicaragua. The second part, the economy of its capital city. With these data and figures, you will see how important this city is for money matters.

Minimum Salary in Managua, Nicaragua

The minimum salary in Nicaragua is national, so the figures for Managua are the same for the rest of the country. However, minimum wages depend on the profession. The current average minimum salary in Nicaragua is 80879 Nicaraguan cordobas (231.76 USD). Source: dentosmunoz (in Spanish).

Nicaragua political and economic situation is far from ideal. However the country is still considerably better than the one in Venezuela, for example.

Average Salary in Managua, Nicaragua

In contrast, the average salary in Nicaragua is 340 USD as of 2022, a rather average figure for low income countries worldwide. It does not top lowest nor highest income charts.

Economic Outlook of Nicaragua

Managua is the main economic center of Nicaragua. It is also its main producer of services. The city houses important local and regional industries and services like banks, hotels, and shopping centers. The city also is a hub for manufacturing goods such as beer, medicines, and construction items.

Managua is emerging as a leader in renewable energy. Experts predict a growth of this sector in the future. Also, its low cost of living and crime rate attract foreigners looking for a cheaper lifestyle. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for 271 USD per month and feel safe at home.

Currently Nicaragua is a difficult political deadlock affecting safety and standards of living. The situation has no forecast of improvements.

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