Average and Minimum Salary in Singapore

Average and minimum salary in Singapore: in this post we will discuss wages in Singapore, also featuring an economic outlook of this wealthy Asian nation

Are you considering relocating, working or investing in Singapore? Check our the data on the average and minimum salary in Singapore to understand the economy of this advanced Asian city state.

average minimum salary in Singapore

Singapore has high ranks in ease of doing business and also living standards. Let’s understand using its minimum and average wage data, why Singapore is one of the most attractive countries in the world for expats and foreign workers.

Minimum Salary in Singapore

Unlike many highly developed nations, Singapore does not have an official minimum salary. This is in fact, one of the reasons why the country’s economy is so dynamic. Its flexible economic policies help Singapore to have a very low unemployment rate, with just 2.3 percent as of 2019.

However, there are a few exceptions in Singapore in which a minimum income applies. The minimum salary in Singapore as of July 2020 for cleaners is at 1,236 SGD, or roughly 915 USD . This figure is helpful to understand the lowest market salaries currently available among the Singaporean labor force.

You can read more about professions that have a regulated minimum salary in Singapore on the Singaporean Ministry of Manpower website.

Average Salary in Singapore

The average salary in Singapore, is however, among the highest in Asia. This fact is easy to understand as Singapore attracts new start-ups every year. Many multinational corporations are also headquartered in the city-state.

The average salary in Bucharest is currently around 4500 Singaporean dollars, or roughly 3100 US dollars. If you are living in Singapore this might seem a pretty high figure, especially if you are coming from other ASEAN countries. However the cost of living in Singapore is also among the highest in the world.

Singapore: Economic Outlook

Singapore has a very developed economy and society, often featured among the top countries for its living standards. The country is also one of the easiest places to do business in the world. Opening a company in Singapore is a pretty fast process. Its high rankings combined with a flexible, low tax system allow Singapore to attract top professionals from almost every working sector.

There is also a huge demand in Singapore for low skilled workers. These jobs are mostly filled by ASEAN members citizens, and play an important contribution to the development of the Singaporean economy. The country is also know as one of the major global financial hubs, providing great possibilities for expats.

Other important sectors with good opportunities for foreign workers are: biotechnology and international trading. As English is one of the country’s language, most of these jobs do not require speaking Chinese or Malay.

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