Average and Minimum Salary in Zurich, Switzerland

Average and minimum salary in Zurich, Switzerland. Data and information about wages and jobs in Switzerland

If you considering moving to Europe, the average and minimum wage in Zurich, Switzerland are useful data to analyze the economics of this highly wealthy nation.

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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, a wealthy country in Europe which is not part of the European Union and has its own currency, the Swiss Franc. Known for its extreme wealth, chocolates, cheese and watches, Switzerland offers some of the highest salaries in the world.

Minimum Salary in Zurich, Switzerland

As of 2024, there is no minimum wage in Zurich, Switzerland. Minimum wages in Switzerland are either decided by collective agreements. However, Switzerland is divided in Cantons and they have the freedom to decide whether they want to have minimum wages or not. Geneva for example has a minimum wage of 23 CHF per hour, which is just short of 4000 CHF per month (gross).

As a reference basis, the minimum wage in Zurich, Switzerland ranges from 3500 to 4000 CHF for hotel and gastronomy workers (gross per month) as of 2024. You can read more about it here (in French).

Salaries in Zurich and in the whole of Switzerland are higher than in most of its neighbors (except Liechtenstein). This applies to both nominal values and salary growth per year. Wages and the cost of living in Switzerland are considerably higher than in France, Germany and Italy.

Average Salary in Zurich, Switzerland

The average salary in Zurich, Switzerland is among the highest in the country, together with the cantons of Basel and Geneva. All regions of Switzerland are pretty wealthy. The cantons of Valais and Uri are among those with the lowest income per capita in the country.

Currently the net average wage in the Zurich, Switzerland is of approximately 6000 Swiss francs per month. It is considerably more than the collective agreements per sector for minimum wage as of 2024.

Here are some average wages per profession in Zurich, Switzerland (gross) per month:

Job in Zurich, Switzerland Average salary per month (gross in CHF)
Hospitality Industry  
Hotel receptionist salary 4500 CHF / month
Cleaner (hotel, restaurant) 3950 CHF / month
Cook / Chef 4500 CHF / month
Waiter 3800 CHF / month
Restaurant / Hotel Manager 6700 CHF / month
Information Technology Industry  
IT Analyst 7000 CHF / month
Data Scientist 7700 CHF / month
Frontend Developer 6500 CHF / month
App Software Developer (Android) 7200 CHF / month
Python Developer 7500 CHF / month
Full Stack Developer 7900 CHF / month
Project Manager 7500 CHF / month
Engineering and Logistic Industry  
Driver (car / van) 4500 CHF / month
Civil Engineer 6900 CHF / month
Architect 6000 CHF / month
Mechanical Engineer 7000 CHF / month
Warehouse Manager 5600 CHF / month
Healthcare Industry  
Nurse 4300 CHF / month
Doctor (GP) 8600 CHF / month
Dentist 7800 CHF / month
Pharmacist 7200 CHF / month
Finance Industry  
Accountant 6400 CHF / month
Lawyer 8900 CHF / month
Real Estate Agent 5700 CHF / month
Sales Representative 5200 CHF / month
Financial Manager 9000 CHF / month
Media and Marketing Jobs Industry  
Designer 5300 CHF / month
Journalist 6400 CHF / month
Photographer 4700 CHF / month
Translator 6100 CHF / month

Zurich, Switzerland Economic Outlook

Switzerland has one of the strongest economies in Europe, with high standards of living and lower taxes than its neighbors. The overall Swiss resident is wealthier than the average European resident, even when compared to other wealthy nations such as Germany or Austria. While growth is not stark in Switzerland currently, the country still enjoys a very comfortable position in global economic rankings.

Zurich is one of the best cities to live not only in Europe, but in the world. It is a safe city, with a number of important companies having offices and headquarters in its central area. On the downside, Zurich is an extremely place to live, even if salaries are high, you will need to focus on your career to be able to save a significant amount of money per month.

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