Azerbaijan Issues Less Resident Permits in 2019

Azerbaijan reduced the number of residency permits given to foreign nationals. Why did they reduce the numbers?

Foreigners who are working overseas must get a residency permit to avoid visa issues. But, in Azerbaijan, there is a drop on how many foreigners got a residency permit and citizenship.


On Thursday, July 18, news site reported that only 75 foreigners were granted citizenship and 1,694 people were given residency permits in the first 6 months of the year. This number is lower by 31% as compared to last year’s tally.

Why is there a big drop?

According to the data provided, 347 people who got the residency permit are Georgians. The others came from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Getting a residency permit in the country is not easy, as well as getting a citizenship. Under the law, foreigners must live in the country for several years, pass a string of requirements, and prove their desire to stay. They must also pass a proficiency test in the Azerbaijani language.

Baku, Azerbaijan

Aside from those granted residency and citizenship, 86 foreigners applied for refugee status. These foreigners come from Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The United Nations said that so far, the country has 2,000 registered foreign refugees.

Refugee status is also difficult to get. Hayat Public Association for Humanitarian Support Chairman Azer Allahveranov shared that individuals at risk can qualify for the status. The government will not grant refugee status to citizens from high risk areas if they say its because of poverty and unemployment.

How to Go to Azerbaijan?

This Eurasian country is a great place to visit if you want to see how European and Asian cultures blend together. It is also a perfect country to explore if you wish to learn more about more about the region’s history. It is also not lacking in tourist attractions, especially for winter sports and health care. Middle Eastern and Russian tourists can take direct flights to the country’s capital through major and low-budget airlines. Asian and North American travelers will need to take connecting flights to reach the capital, Baku. Nearby regions can drive to their shared borders for easier access.

If you are planning to tour the country, check out the country’s official travel page for some great ideas. If you intend to work in the country, we have written some articles which can help you out. These articles include our guide on where to stay in Baku and how much salary you can make in the city.