Best Beaches in Montenegro (Full List)

Check our list of the best 10 beaches in Montenegro, covering the most beautiful summer spot in this beautiful Southern European nation

Are you planning to visit the Balkans? In this post we will list the top 10 best beaches in Montenegro, and help you to plan your next vacation to one of the most amazing European summer destinations.

Best Beaches in Montenegro.
Montenegro. Photo by Hotice Hsu.

Montenegro Beaches: Overview

If you are traveling or living in Europe there are good chances you have heard of Montenegro. A small country nested in the Balkans, which got independent just in 2006 from the breakout of Yugoslavia. What you may not have heard is that Montenegro has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

While many nearby countries are famous for its fantastic seaside like Croatia and Greece, Montenegro is still quite underrated. The country is however making important advances in its tourism infrastructure. When it comes to natural beauty however, the region has always been blessed with one of the most stunning coastal lines in the world.

Apart from beautiful beaches one can enjoy enjoy a lot of advantages that Montenegro has to offer. The country uses the euro currency, despite not being a member of the European Union (yet). Even if with the euro as its currency Montenegro is fairly cheaper than other, most well-known beach destinations like Spain or Italy.

Another advantage is safety. The country has a population just above 600.000 inhabitants, and has some of the lowest crime rates among European destinations. That is especially the case for its beach towns, which are mostly rather small and surrounded by a scenic mountainous landscape.

Getting to Montenegro

Montenegro is easy to reach if you are already in Europe. Many airlines, including low cost ones operate to the country, to both Tivat Airport and Podgorica Airport. You can also travel to the country by train if you are coming to Serbia. Finally, Montenegro is easily accessible by road from its neighboring countries, and there are also passenger ferries connecting Montenegro to Italy.

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Best Beaches in Montenegro

Let’s get to our list of the best beaches in Montenegro below:

Budva (Mogren, Slovenska)

The town of Budva is probably the most famous beach destination in Montenegro and it is also the one with the best infrastructure. The name refers both to the Budva town, but also to the Budva Riviera. The Budva Riviera includes a number of settlements and beaches along the Montenegrin coast, such as Bečići, Jaz, Mogren and Miločer.

Budva Montenegro
Budva. Photo by Mikko Lindstedt.

In the town of Budva itself you have excellent beach options. The Slovenska Beach is the most vibrant place if you want to meet people, enjoy entertainment and nightlife in the country. It does get pretty crowded too, but you have other options not too far from that. The best option to relax in Budva is certainly the Mogren beach.

Ulcinj (Kopakana Beach and Mala Plaza)

Another great option if you want to enjoy some of the best beaches in Montenegro is the town of Ulcinj. The town has a very good tourism infrastructure and offers good options of Sandy beaches in the South of the country, close to the border with Albania.

Ulcinj, Montenegro
Ulcinj. Photo by donchili.

Two of the best beaches in Montenegro are in the Ulcinj area. The Mala Plaza in the town of Ulcinj, is a busy beach for those looking to enjoy the sun and socialize. The Kopakabana beach, a few kilometers to the south of the town, is a section of the Velika beach, one of the longest sandy beaches in the country, and an ideal place if you want to have plenty of space.

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Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is probably the most well known postcard from Montenegro. The small islet is home to a 5 star resort and it is easy to understand why it attracts a high number of tourists.

sveti stefan montenegro
Sveti Stefan. Photo by Paul Joyce.

Even if you will not stay in the resort you can still enjoy the beaches in the Sveti Stefan area, with its very tranquil waters. You can also find plenty of accommodation options in the area and delicious restaurant options.


While Petrovac doesn’t have the nightlife of Budva or the glamour of Sveti Stefan, it is a place definitely worth checking in the Budva Riviera. Its sandy beaches are delightful and there are also plenty of activities to do at the beach and in its surroundings.

Petrovac Montenegro
Petrovac. Photo by Yuri Gonchar.

The coastal town’s location is right between Budva and Bar, which it makes of it pretty accessible along the Montenegrin coast. If you don’t want to relax at Petrovac’s main beach you also have the option of enjoying the Lučice beach in Petrovac, smaller, and often less crowded than the city’s main beach.

Bar and Sutomore

If you are going to the Southern coast of Montenegro, Bar and Sutomore are great beach destinations. While Bar has a great infrastructure, Sutomore has a long sandy beach, and is one of the most popular beach locations in the country.

Bar, Montenegro.
Bar. Photo by Raymond Zoller.

The transport infrastructure is one of the highlights of Bar. The Bar train station is the final points in the Belgrade-Bar railway, and you can also take ferries from Bar to Italy. The pebbled beach in Bar is a great option if you are looking for a not too crowded beach in Montenegro.

Tivat (Kalardovo)

One of the most unique beach destinations to stay in Montenegro is in Tivat. The town is also the location of the Tivat Airport, one of the main entry points for visitors to Montenegro.

Tivat Montenegro
Tivat. Photo by Paul Joyce

While the Kalardovo beach in Tivat is pretty small, it is a quite unique place. You can enjoy the beach and you watch planes arrive and depart Tivat from a very close distance. A great place for aviation lovers.

Other Beaches and Sights in Montenegro

Montenegro has a number of other towns and settlements which make excellent summer destinations. Especially in the Budva Riviera and the Bar Riviera, there are numerous less known beaches you should consider, especially if you don’t like crowded places.

The country also offer beautiful lakes that are definitely worth checking. Lake Skadar, on the border with Albania and the Black Lake in the Durmitor Park offer some of the most amazing views in Montenegro.

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