Best Hotels in Prague City Center

Best hotels in Prague city centre: let’s discover great hotels in the most central areas of one of Central Europe’s most beautiful cities

Check our guide on the best hotels in Prague city centre, and discover Central Europe’s most charming city. This guide is ideal if you are visiting Prague for business or leisure and it includes options for all kinds of budgets.

Prague City Centre: Where Is It?

Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe, and it is easy to understand why. The city is beautiful in culture and architecture, and has a privileged location at the heart of Europe. Apart from that, Prague is also a great city for entertainment, gastronomy as well as night life.

Despite being a vibrant and large European capital, the center of Prague is rather compact. In fact, a considerable part of the city’s main attractions are within walking city, located in Prague’s old town.

Prague is divided in districts, and the most central area of the city is located in the District 1. The District 1 itself has a number of subdivisions, referred as cadastral areas. The most central area in the District 1 of Prague is the old town (Staré Město) which features many of the world renowned attractions of Prague. There are other parts of the District 1 which can be a good option for your stay in Prague including the Malá Strana, on the west bank of the River Vltava.

Best Hotels in Prague

Now that we have briefly analyzed the city and its central areas, let’s move to our list with the best accommodation options in the center of Prague, divided by budget.

Hostels and Cheap Hotels in Prague City Centre

Even if Prague still remains more affordable than other cities in Central Europe like Vienna or even Berlin, prices are on the rise. However, it is still possible to find affordable accommodation in Prague city center, especially if you are looking for a hostel.

Hotels in Prague City center
Prague Main Square

Hostel Kaiser – the Hostel Kaiser is possibly one of the best budget options if you want to stay in Prague city center. Its prime location is just a short walk to the famous Charles’ Bridge (Karlův most), as well as the Wescelas Square (Václavské náměstí). It also offers great transport connections, with the Národní třída metro station very close to it, as well as tram lines.

The Republic Garden – this Hostel is an excellent choice if you are looking for dorm beds in the most central area of Prague. It is right next to the Palladium mall, one of the best places for shopping in Prague city center. Its public transport links are equally efficient, with easy access to the metro (Náměstí Republiky Station).

Reasonably Priced Hotels in Prague City Centre

Prague has a great tourism infrastructure, and the number of reasonably priced hotels are quite high in the city. There are some good variety of hotels in the medium price range.

prague tram vysehrad
Prague Tram

Bed&Books Art Hotel – a great hotel right at the heart of Prague in the District 01. This is an excellent option if you want to stay right in the center of Prague without spending too much. The Bed&Books Art Hotel has a prime location in Prague District 1. It has an easy access to the metro system (Mustek Station) as well as to the Prague Main Railway Station.

Ibis Praha Old Town – the Ibis Praha Old Town offers a great value for the money and is also an option if you prefer to stay in a hotel from a renowned brand. It has a privileged location in the Prague District 1, right next to the Palladium shopping mall.

Pension U Lilie – if you want to stay close to the Charles’ Bridge, the Pension U Lilie is the perfect accommodation in Prague city center. The Pension U Lilie is a family ran cozy guesthouse. It is a great choice if you want to have a romantic stay in Prague.

Boutique and Luxurious Hotels in Prague City Centre

It is no surprise that Prague has a great selection of boutique and luxury hotels. You can find high-end hotels in Prague city center as well as in other districts of the city. It is important to note that even within the luxury niche prices can vary greatly.

best places to stay in prague

Prague Vltava River.

Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel – This high class hotel is an excellent choice if you want to have a refined stay in Prague’s city center. The Radisson brand hotel is just a short walk to the National Museum and the Wenceslas Square.

Four Seasons Hotel Prague – The Four Seasons brand is known for its luxurious accommodations around the world and this hotel in the center of Prague is no exception. It features an uniquely decorated interior and a swimming pool.

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