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October 19, 2019

Best Places to Stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia

This article will provide you with a brief traveler’s advice on cost of travel and the best places to stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik is beautiful historic and coastal city, located in southern part of Croatia. Although the city gained its popularity with the filming of show Game of Thrones, the Old Town of Dubrovnik has always attracted tourists from all around the world.

Tourism in Dubrovnik: Overview

Dubrovnik is one of the most famous locations on the Adriatic coast. It is one of Croatia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is a place where you can enjoy walking through marble streets, visiting museums and churches, high walls and towers and swimming in beautiful blue Adriatic sea.

Some of the places you must see include Stradun, Church of Saint Blaise, Rector’s Palace, Dubrovnik Natural History Museum and Mount Srđ.

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Dubrovnik is easily accessible and well connected by air, especially during the summer. Dubrovnik Airport is just 15 km away from the city center.

If you are coming by land, your best bets are buses from other Croatian cities, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cost of Travel in Dubrovnik

The best way to reach Dubrovnik is by air and there are many budget airlines operating especially during peak season. You may also reach the city by sea, with ferries or cruise ships.

The cost of staying in Dubrovnik can vary greatly, but it is not necessarily affordable. If you are budget traveler you should definitely consider accommodation a bit further from the old town. During summer accommodation prices peak, while spring and autumn offer probably the best deals.

On average you will spend around 50 € for food, accommodation, and local transportation per day. If you are a budget traveler the average cost is around 30 € per day and per person.

Best Months to Visit Dubrovnik

The best time to visit Dubrovnik is from May to June and September to October. The weather is warm but not hot, there are lesser crowds and prices are more reasonable.

It is probably best to avoid Dubrovnik during the peak season. This is the period crowded with tourists, a period when prices almost double, and beaches and places of interest are full. However, if you still choose to visit Dubrovnik during the summer, do not miss Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Libertas Film Festival.

Best Places to Stay in Dubrovnik

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Probably the ideal place to stay in Dubrovnik is the Old Town (Stari Grad). This is the part of Dubrovnik within the city walls and it is very appealing for its unique architecture. It has a busy night life and many restaurants.

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Lapad is the better option to stay in Dubrovnik. It is near to Old Town, the majority of hotels and hostels are here, it is more affordable and calm. Moreover, you can have a beautiful seaside view and the view of the Old Town.

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