Best Places to Stay in Montreal (Old Town, Mont Royal)

This post explores the best places to stay in Montreal, the largest city in the Quebec province of Canada. It is also the second largest city in Canada, after Toronto.

Are you traveling to Quebec? Check where to stay in Montreal, a charming city and the the biggest French speaking metro area in the Americas.

best places to stay in Montreal
Montreal by Night. Photo by barnyz

Montreal is a fusion between the Old Europe and the New World. It offers a great combination of beautiful architecture, great food and magnificent nature accessible very close to the city. Very open to foreign immigration, Montreal is a multicultural and cosmopolitan town boasting with centuries of history.

If you are looking for a place to stay in this vibrant metropolis, this guide will be perfect for you. We are giving you a detailed blueprint of places and areas to stay in Montreal.

Tourism in Montreal: Overview

Montreal is a great city to explore and offers a vast array of attractions to visitors. It was founded in the 17th century by Samuel de Champlain. He was a French explorer. Quickly, Montreal established itself as the commercial capital of Canada. However, Toronto has now taken the first place, and Montreal sits at the second place.

The largest city in Quebec has a lot to offer to its visitors. The architecture reflects the old French influence, with its old buildings. In the business center, the American influence is clearly visible. High-rise buildings are predominant, reflecting century-old churches in their glass walls.

The food will delight you after a long day of walking around and visits. Do not miss the traditional poutine, a dish of fries topped with cheese and brown sauce. The beaver’s tail, a fried piece of dough with any sweet topping you want, is also something to eat while you are in Montreal.

The main language spoken there is French. However, many locals also speak English, making it easy for foreign travellers to communicate.

In addition, Montreal is a very safe city for anyone visiting. You will rarely experience any trouble at any time of the day of the night.

Best Places to Stay in Montreal

Montreal is divided in several neighborhoods. Some of them are home to cultural minorities. For example, many French are gathered around the Mont Royal, on what is called the Plateau. This is a great area to stay in, as there are many bars and restaurants.

The subway and bus network makes it easy to roam around the city and the main sights. You will thus never be too far from what you want to see, wherever you are staying.


This is the one of the liveliest part of town. Many restaurants and bars are located in this area, along with several nightclubs. There, you can find a lot of traditional guesthouses instead of big chains of hotels. It is a great way of discovering the city, as you can get recommendations directly from the locals. Breakfasts are also traditional. A great excuse to enjoy pancakes and maple syrup!

The area is also the nearest to the Mount Royal, real green lung of the city. It offers an amazing park and, from the top, a great view on the Saint Lawrence River and some districts of Montreal. Ideal for to immerse yourself in nature, spot some squirrels and enjoy an ice cream in the sun during the summer.

Last but not least, this part of the city connects well to the subway network. The main stations are Mont Royal, Sherbrooke, and Laurier.

Old Montreal

The Old Montreal neighbourhood is the oldest of the city, as its name suggests. It is the favorite area by tourists to stay in Montreal, as most of the historic sites are in its vicinity. Several museums are also located in this area. They include the Château Ramezay or the Pointe-à-Callière museum.

Most of the architectural wonders of the city are in the old town. Seven buildings dating back to the French times are still visible today. On top of that, you should also stop by two main squares, the Place d’Armes and the Place Jacques Cartier. Many old buildings surround them. They include the New York Life building, the Bank of Montreal building, and the basilica Notre Dame de Montréal.

This area also includes the old port of Montreal. It is a lovely sight for a stroll in the sun or a bicycle ride. The Science Centre is located there as well, offering an IMAX screen to visitors on top of its more classic exhibitions. In the summer, people can enjoy a sandy beach on the Saint Lawrence river.

Budget Accommodation in Montreal – $

Auberge du Plateau-Mont-Royal – a budget accommodation option in the Plateau-Mont-Royal area, one of the best places to stay in the city.

Auberge Saint-Paul – an affordable  hostel in the Old Town of Montreal close to the Château Ramezay.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Montreal – $$

Auberge Bonsecours – an excellent reasonably priced option in the old town.

Hotel Zero 1 Montreal – one of the best hotels in its category, at a very central location.

Luxurious Hotels in Montreal – $$$

The Ritz-Carlton Montreal – a prestigious hotel in one of the most privileged locations to stay in Montreal.

Loews Hotel Vogue – a great luxurious hotel in Downtown Montreal, with excellent transport connections.

Cost of Travel in Montreal

The cost of living in the city is generally cheaper than Western Europe and the major cities of the USA. It is also cheaper than almost all the other big Canadian cities. Hotels and restaurant in particular are less pricey, which is a great advantage for the traveler.

where to stay in Montreal
Photo by Pedro Szekely

A nice hotel room costs between 60€ and 100€ for two people, and good food can be found for around 10€. A bus ticket costs 2.15€. Overall, a budget of 500€ per person and per week, excluding airfare, is a good choice for a comfortable experience.

Best Months to Visit Quebec

The province of Quebec gets really (I mean really!) cold during the winter months. Snow covers the majority of the city and the Saint Lawrence river freezes. The whole city goes underground to hide from the cold. This is only for the bravest!

The summer months are nice and warm. Between the months of June and September is the perfect time to explore the city, as the weather is the most pleasant. At the very beginning of fall, the Indian Summer allows you to enjoy warm temperatures and stunning views of the trees changing colours, especially on the Mont Royal.

Have you travelled to Quebec? What is your favorite place to stay in Montreal? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.