Where to Stay in Riga, Latvia (Best Areas)

The best places to stay in Riga are listed in this post, featuring also excellent tips to visit this capital of Latvia, a beautiful city in Northern Europe

Are you planning to visit Latvia? This guide on the best places to stay in Riga, Latvia are ideal for all types of travelers. It also includes useful extra information such as cost of travel and when to visit this small and picturesque nation.

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Tourism in Latvia: Overview

Latvia is one of the three Baltic States, together with Lithuania and Estonia. Latvia is right between those, and got independent from the Soviet Union in the 90’s, just like the other Baltic States. However, even if the country is recent, the Latvian story is much older. Riga used to be part of the Hanseatic League, and was also home to Richard Wagner, the eccentric composer.

Nowadays as an European Union capital, Riga offers an interesting between West and East in Northern Europe. The easiest way to get to the city is flying to the Riga International Airport. With easy access from low cost companies, visiting Riga and the other Baltic capitals has never been easier.

Best Places to Stay in Riga, Latvia

The best places to stay in Riga are he Old Town (Vecrīga) and the City Center (Centrs). They are on the east bank of the River Daugava and gather the most interesting places in the city.

Old Town

The old town of Riga is probably the most prestigious place in Latvia, with beautiful architecture and pleasant pedestrian streets. It also gather prestigious hotels and excellent restaurants.

From the River Daugava bank to the Bastion Hill, the old town of Riga is compact and has a quaint atmosphere. It also hosts some of the most traditional restaurants in the city, and is always inviting for an evening stroll.

City Center

The city center is just next to the old town, and is considerably bigger in area. While it lacks the architecture of the old town, it offers great accommodation and restaurant options. If you want to experience more the daily life of Latvians, the city center is more recommended than the old town.

The area around the parallel streets Brīvības iela and Krišjāņa Valdemāra are good for shopping, and among the best areas to stay in Riga.

Budget Accommodation in Riga – €

Tree House – a clean and organized hostel at the very heart of the Latvian capital.

Mosaic Hotel – a good budget option in the central area of Riga, close to the Congress Centre.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Riga – €€

Ibis Riga Centre – a great option in the center of Riga, from one of the most well known hotel chains in the world.

Radi Un Draugi – an excellent option to enjoy the Latvian culture at the heart of the old town, close to the dome cathedral.

Europa Royale Riga – located in the city center of of the city, this property features a casino and a restaurant with great local cuisine.

Luxurious Hotels in Riga – €€€

Royal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort – a sumptuous luxurious option in the city center, featuring a casino and a spa. This property has one of the most beautiful interior decoration among all hotels in the Baltic States.

Hotel Bergs – a charming hotel in one of the most privileged areas in Riga, just a short walk to the train station and the old town.

Cost of Travel in Riga

Riga currently uses the Euro single currency and has a lower cost of living than most Western European countries.

The transportation system is Riga is not the most efficient. The city is rather spread out, but most of the attractions are in the city center and in the old town. The price is a single ride is of € 1.15 and rather expensive considering the size of the city and the small transport network.

Eating out in Riga involves offers for all budgets. You can easily get a budget and decent sized meal for under € 5 euro in the city center. In the Old Town there are many upper class restaurants that can cost more than € 25 euro per head.

A good and traditional Latvian option is eating at Lido. This very traditional Latvian restaurant is also pretty affordable. I recommend visiting the LIDO ATPŪTAS CENTRS, which also has a rather picturesque architecture.

Best Months to Visit Latvia

Latvia and all the region of the Baltic States are located in Northeastern Europe, a region known for its harsh winters. For that reason, the best time of the year to visit Latvia is during spring and summer.

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Since Riga has a relatively high latitude, there are big differences on the sunlight hours per day depending on the season. In spring and summer the days are the longest, and the weather is pleasant most of the time.

If you are coming in Autumn or Winter, each one of these periods has their rather unique beauty. Autumn offers beautiful golden leaves and a relatively pleasant temperature, especially in September. In December the old town in Riga is full of lights, and you can get a warming feeling of Latvia’s Christmas markets.

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