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February 16, 2019


russia prepaid internet

Learn how to get prepaid internet in Russia as a foreigner and compare different companies with a multitude of prepaid sim car plans
If you are traveling to Russia, I strongly recommend you to get a Russian prepaid sim card with internet. They are widely available, quite...

shenzhen china

The best places to stay in Shenzhen are an excellent choice for tourists willing to visit and shop in one of the most dynamic cities in Southern China
If you want to enjoy the best places to stay in Shenzhen, this post will explain which areas are ideal to enjoy this young...

agra taj mahal

In this post we will analyze the best places to stay in Agra, India. This city is known for the unique Taj Mahal building, probably the most famous mausoleum in the world

Taj Mahal, India. Photo by Claudio AccheriThe colors, sights, sounds and smells of India can be...

petronas towers kuala lumpur

Choose where to stay in Kuala Lumpur using this detailed guide featuring the best places and when to visit one of the most dynamic cities in Southeast Asia
This article will provide you with a brief insight on the best places to stay in Kuala Lumpur, analyzing the city's cost...

chengdu china

This post will bring an insight on which are the cheapest cities in China, in case you are looking to live or move to this unique Asian country.
China is one of the biggest country, and is set to surpass the US in economic terms in the next decades, however, as any big country...

singapore marina bay

In recent years, Thailand and Singapore are some of the countries that attract the highest number of expats in the world, let's take a look at the minimum salaries in Southeast Asia to understand the dynamics of this region.

Southeast Asia is probably one of the most...

where to stay in hanoi

Cambodia and Vietnam attract people because of their beauty but also because of their prices. Here is a guide to the cheapest cities to stay in Southeast Asia in 2016.
South East Asia has attractions for all tastes, you might want to enjoy the beaches in Thailand, the unique...