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July 19, 2019


bratislava old town

Traveling by train from Bratislava to Budapest? This post will analyze the route featuring prices and train stations overview in both cities
Are you traveling in Central Europe using railways? Check our guide on how to travel fro Bratislava to Budapest by...

dubrovnik croatia

This article will provide you with a brief traveler's advice on cost of travel and the best places to stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is beautiful historic and coastal city, located in southern part of Croatia. Although the city gained its popularity with the filming...

glasgow scotland

This post gives an insight on where to stay in Glasgow, featuring the best months to visit and the cost of travel to visit this affluent Scottish city

Clyde Arch, Glasgow. Photo by Giuseppe Milo.Glasgow is normally referred to as Scotland's Second City. Despite not being...


In this post we will analyze the best places to stay in Maastricht, a beautiful city in Southern Netherlands with typical Dutch architecture

Streets of Maastricht. Photo by MaëlickMaastricht is a picturesque town right in the very South of the Netherlands, sandwiched...

sarajevo bosnia

The best places to stay in Sarajevo are a wonderful selection of locations in the Old Town of one of the most beautiful capitals in the Balkans
In this article we will analyze the best places to stay in Sarajevo, bringing an insight on cost of travel to optimize your stay in...

bratislava slovakia

This guide will analyze all the best railway connections involving Trains from Bratislava, Slovakia, with availability and prices

Bratislava is a rather small capital city in Central Europe, with a population of just 650 inhabitants (metro area). Bratislava is also the...

barcelona airport

This post features hotels near Barcelona Airport (El Prat), to help visitors to optimize their travel strategy in one of the most visited cities of Spain
If you are visiting or transiting in Catalonia, this list of hotels near Barcelona Airport (El Prat) might be useful for a...

train minsk

This post feature the best train connections from Warsaw to Minsk, featuring prices and train station directions in both cities

Minsk Train Station Photo by Artem SvetlovIf you are planning to travel by train from Warsaw to Minsk, this post will bring all the information...

leo express

If you are planning to travel by train from Ostrava (or to Ostrava) in the Czech Republic, this post will cover all the possible aspect of your railway travel, including prices and destinations

Ostrava is a city in the extreme Northeast of the Czech Republic, and due to its...

ljubljana trains

In this post we will analyze the domestic and international railway connections in Slovenia, with a full route description of trains from Ljubljana

Ljubljiana Train Station - Photo by Miroslav VolekLjubljana is often an overlooked gem in Central Europe. When you have...

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