Cabo Verde Airlines to Increase Operations in America, Africa

Cape Verde

Cabo Verde Airlines announces new changes to its operations. What changes can be expected? While Cape Verde and its major airline, Cabo Verde Airlines, are not well-known, both are making headlines. The airline is now making a re-entry in helping the country become an intercontinental hub for the region. On … Read more

Norwegian Air Plans to Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

norwegian air bitcoin

Norwegian Air is planning to use cryptocurrency to make payments easier for passengers. Check out the details below. Cryptocurrency is becoming a popular alternative for many people online. It is easy to use, cheap and safe since  However, Norwegian Air believes it has a great potential in the airline industry. … Read more

New Route Starts Between North Korea and Macau


Air Koryo resumes flights to and from Macau. Check out the details of this newest route. For those who want to visit North Korea, Air Koryo is the country’s major airline carrier. It has direct flights to Russia and mainland China, with some flights chartered or scheduled flights. Now, the … Read more

Kazakhstan Offers Visa Free Travel to More Countries

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan adds more countries to its visa-free regime this month. See which countries made the cut below. Kazakhstan is the world’s ninth largest country in terms of landmass. Thanks to this fact, it has beautiful natural reserves which tourists will definitely enjoy. Previously, it is difficult to visit the country … Read more

Hoi An Voted World’s Best City in 2019

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An in Vietnam is the best city in the world according to Travel + Leisure World’s readers. But, what makes this city special? Vietnam is filled with unique tourist attractions that is sure to capture the hearts of tourists who visit. However, it seems that Hoi An stands out … Read more

Japan Tourism Hits Record High in 2019

osaka japan

Japan tourism is now booming according to a latest news report. But, what allowed the country’s tourism rate to flourish? Japan is one of Asia’s top destinations and many tourists have long expressed their love for the country. From rich history and culture to unique tourist locations, Japan has continuously … Read more

Bahrain May Soon Become Schengen Area Visa Exempt

European Union

Bahrain may soon be able to visit the Schengen countries without a visa. Why would it be possible?   Applying for a Schengen visa is often considered one of the most difficult visas to get. However, it seems Bahrain will be able to bypass getting this elusive visa. The reason … Read more

Laos Launches eVisa Program for Visitors


Laos announced its eVisa program for visitors. Find out what improvements is part of the program below. The Laos eVisa program was previously believed to be an impossible project to push. The country falls short with the program because other Asian countries already have it available in their roster. However, … Read more

7 Countries Now Have Visa Free Access to South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

7 Countries Now Have Visa Free Access to South Africa: Ghana and UAE among the list South Africa is one of the most popular destinations in Africa. It is teaming with wildlife and destinations that you will not find anywhere else. Exotic food and drinks are also a plenty when … Read more

Ryanair Expand Routes in Middle East

Al Amine Mosque, Lebanon

Ryanair Expand Routes in Middle East: Beirut is the new Destination of the Low Cost Airline Going to the Middle East is a hit and miss for many tourists considering the conflicts in the area. Lebanon, in particular, is hard to visit due to the lingering problems in Syria. To … Read more