US, Schengen Visa Holders Now Able to Apply for Saudi eVisa

Saudi eVisa

US, British and Schengen visa holders are now eligible to apply for a Saudi eVisa. Find out why below. Saudi Arabia has a very strict policy when it comes to those who can visit the country. Foreigners have to get a work, business and pilgrimage visa to get into the … Read more

Uzbekistan 10-Year Residence Permit Available for USD$3M Investment

Residence Permit in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is now offering a 10-year residence permit for foreigners in exchange for a $3 million investment. Find out more below. A good way for foreigners to get a residence permit is by giving an investment to the country. It could vary in terms of how much it will be … Read more

Qatar Adds New Rules to Residence Permits

Qatar residence permits

Qatar is adding new rules to its residence permits. Check out the new rules below. Retaining one’s residence permits, as well as applying for one, often entails several rules and regulations for holders to follow. For some countries, their requirements are very strict and often leads to foreign residents to … Read more

Thailand Adopts Measures to Boost Tourism

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is adopting measures to boost tourism. Find out more about these new measures. Thailand is a popular tourist destination for many foreigners who like to enjoy food trips and shopping bargains. However, with the recent upsurge of its national currency, tourism is having problems making up for it. Fortunately, … Read more

Uzbekistan to Introduce Silk Visa

Gur Emir, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is going to introduce a new type of visa, Silk Visa. What is this visa? Regional visas are available in several countries to make traveling easy for its citizens. It also helps goods and services to move in and out of the country faster. In Uzbekistan, a new regional … Read more

Thai Baht’s Rise Worrying Tourists and Expats


The rising rate of the Thai Baht is causing tourists and expats to worry. What is it doing? Thailand’s national currency, the Baht, is appreciating in value in the past couple of years, and its impact is now being felt across the country. In the case of the country’s tourism … Read more

Expat Numbers in Oman on the Rise


Expat numbers in Oman are growing. Find out the numbers and how it is increasing. Oman is a favorite for many expats who wish to live in the Gulf region. It is said to be the friendliest Gulf nation and one of the safest. Work opportunities are available, key infrastructures … Read more

Dubai Starts Cultural Visa Program for Creative People


Dubai starts its new cultural visa program for creative people. Find out more about this new program. Dubai is investing heavily in bringing in more people to the country. From tourism to working visas, the government is looking for more ways to make it easy for foreigners to see Dubai’s … Read more

Kazakhstan Adds 12 More Countries to Visa Free List

Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan increases its visa free list with 12 new countries. Find out which countries made the cut. Kazakhstan’s tourism has been growing rapidly for the past couple of years because of its government’s campaign to drive in tourism. Thanks to the fact it has the ninth largest country based on … Read more