Croatia Ready to Join the Schengen Area

Croatia to join the Schengen area

Croatia is now ready to join the Schengen area according to the European Commission. Check out their recommendation below. Being a member of the European Union’s Schengen Area has many benefits. Citizens from member countries can travel without a visa and the flow of goods and services are easier. The … Read more

Balearic Spanish Politicians are Against Spanish Golden Visa

Golden Visa in Spain

Balearic Spanish politicians are against the Spanish Golden Visa. Why are they against it? For investors who wish to go to a country and not have to wait a business or tourist visa, they invest on getting a Golden Visa. Countries offer this special visa for people who can invest … Read more

JetBlue and Norwegian to Increase Cheap Flight Offers to Europe

JetBlue partners with Norwegian

JetBlue and Norwegian are teaming up to offer cheaper flights to Europe. Check out their plans below. Europe is not an easy place to visit because of its very expensive flights. Several airlines know how important it is to have affordable flights in the region. With JetBlue and Norwegian, their … Read more

Germany Aviation Tax to Rise in 2020

Germany Aviation Tax

Germany’s aviation tax will be increasing next year. Find out why they are increasing it. Airline carriers often use aviation tax to pay for various types of initiatives and programs they wish to follow. Some of these programs include upgrading their services, or assisting in initiatives that matter most for … Read more

Iberia Offers Long Stopover at Madrid


Iberia is now offering a long stopover at Madrid. Find out more about it below. Madrid has a lot to offer to tourists no matter what kind of sites they wish to see. The city has historical and cultural attractions, as well as events that will educate people about Spain. … Read more

Venice Tourist Tax: How Much and What to Expect

Venice tourist tax

Venice will now charge a special Venice tourist tax to all its visitors and guests. How much will it be and what should tourists expect? Venice is one of Italy’s most visited cities. Tourists often fill its streets no matter what season it may be. However, with the number of … Read more

Tourism in Belarus Rise with Visa Free Travel

Belarus visa free travel

Tourism in Belarus is flourishing thanks to its visa free travel policy. Find out more below. Belarus is known for many tourists as the best place in Europe for health tourism. They are very affordable and the services are top-notch. However, it used to be very difficult to travel to … Read more

Czech Property Prices Increasing and Strong

Czech Republic

Czech property prices are increasing and strong right now. Check the rates below.  Many foreigners dream to purchase homes overseas because it can serve as a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle. Some countries have very affordable properties, with a few offering benefits for foreigners. For the properties in … Read more

EU Commissioner Says Croatia is Ready for Schengen

Croatia to be a Schengen country this year?

The EU Home Affairs Commissioner says Croatia is now ready to join the Schengen Area. Find out why he said that. It is possible that a new country will be joining the Schengen Area at the end of the month. For EU’s Home Affairs Commissioner, Croatia is ready to join … Read more