Bosnia and Herzegovina Profiting from Tourism Boost

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s tourism is helping the country’s economy. Check out how it assisted the country below. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of Southeastern Europe’s weakest players. Its economic growth is slow and many of its industries remain idle. However, it seems there are industries assisting its economy somehow and … Read more

Weak Pound Attracts Tourists to UK

London, United Kingdom

The weakened British Pound is bringing in tourists to the country. Find out more below. The British Pound is one of the most powerful currencies in the world. When it weakens, many people take advantage of it and purchase a lot before it increases in value. For some, they use … Read more

UK Reverses Decision to Quit Interrail This Year

London Underground

Britain reverses its decision to quit Interrail. Find out more about this issue. The European Interrail network is a popular way to travel across Europe for a flat fee for European travelers. For those outside Europe, the Eurail network is its equivalent. Its benefits to travelers are immense and British … Read more

American Airlines Adds Flights to Central Europe, Africa

American Airlines

American Airlines announces new flights to Central Europe and Africa. Check out the flight details below. American Airlines is one of America’s largest and oldest airline companies. It operates 6,700 flights every day to 350 destinations around the world. Its recent announcement expands its operations further to new destinations. On … Read more

Wizz Air Expands Operations to Edinburgh

airports in bulgaria

Wizz Air makes another expansion in the United Kingdom. What are the details of this latest project? One of Europe’s low-cost carriers, Wizz Air, is making another bold move in its efforts to reach out to more travelers. Their sights turn to Scotland as seen in its latest press briefing. … Read more