EU Capitals Square Meter Prices (2018)

Check below the European Union capitals square meter price rank in 2018

Looking to buy real estate in the European Union? Perhaps just considering relocating or curious about how your city ranks in the bloc? Check below the ranking of the most and least expensive square meters prices in EU capitals in 2018.

Europe square meter price

European Union Capitals Square Meter Price: Overview

The European Union is one of the most dynamic and definitely the most diverse bloc of countries in the world. While in some EU capitals the influx of people, both domestic and international continues to break records year after year, in other capitals emigration and cheap living is a constant reality.

The different economic realities across the bloc reflect in high contrast among European real estate markets. The price per square meter in some EU capitals can be as even 10 times higher than in others, as in the comparison between Sofia, Bulgaria and London.

The overall trend for markets is of price increases. Many EU countries had an important square meter price growth during the past year. Prague and Lisbon have some of the highest growth among EU capitals in 2018.

European Union Capitals Square Meter Price: Map

Below we have a map featuring each one of the current 28 European Union capitals and their price per square meter as of 2018.

Click on each city to see its price per square meter.

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Most Expensive EU Capitals

Currently, the three most expensive capitals in the European are London, Paris and Luxembourg, in that order. The rank will tend to remain so, at least until the UK continues in the EU.

Despite the Brexit, London is still a highly attractive city for both companies and individuals across the continent. Relatively low taxes and bureaucracy compared to the EU average, attractive salaries and the English language are some of the main factors keeping prices high in the British capital. Check our post on the cost of living in London for more information.

Paris is the second in the list. The French capital is home to most of the countries multinational headquarters,  and the career prospects in the city are way above the average for France. The city’s tourism vocation also pushes real estate valuation in Paris. Check the average and minimum salary in Paris to understand better the economic realities of the French capital.

Luxembourg takes the third place in the list. Low taxes, high salaries and a highly developed banking industry are some of the forces behind its high real estate prices. Check our Luxembourg guide if you are considering moving to the country.

Cheapest EU Capitals

At the other end of the spectrum, it is still possible to buy or rent property in some of EU capitals for highly attractive prices. Cities like Sofia, Bucharest and Riga have a good infrastructure and a decent quality of life, however, prices are still way below the average in the continent.

Average Price per Square Meter in EU Capitals country list:

City Average Square Meter Price in euros
London, UK 11800
Paris, France 9160
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg 8200
Vienna, Austria 6550
Stockholm, Sweden 6636
Copenhagen, Denmark 5236
Amsterdam, Netherlands 4610
Helsinki, Finland 4569
Dublin, Ireland 4500
Berlin, Germany 3750
Valletta, Malta 3600
Madrid, Spain 3540
Brussels, Belgium 3366
Prague, Czech Rep. 3316
Rome, Italy 3044
Lisbon, Portugal 2581
Ljubljana, Slovenia 2500
Warsaw, Poland 2068
Nicosia, Cyprus 2011
Bratislava, Slovakia 1945
Zagreb, Croatia 1841
Budapest, Hungary 1802
Tallinn, Estonia 1794
Athens, Greece 1470
Vilnius, Lithuania 1469
Bucharest, Romania 1328
Riga, Latvia 1241
Sofia, Bulgaria 1095

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Are you living in an European Union capital? What is your perception of your city’s square meter price compared to other capitals throughout the continent? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment box below: