How to Find a Job in San Marino (EU and Non-EU Citizens)

How to find a job in San Marino: Learn on this guide how to build a career in this tiny European nation surrounded by Italy

Find out how to find a job in the tiny nation of San Marino, a country with one of the highest standards of living in Europe.

job in san marino la-rocca
San Marino – La Rocca. Photo by IVAN 63

San Marino is one of the smallest states in Europe, it is also the only landlocked European state which just borders one country. Surrounded by Italy, it comes as no surprise that the country’s official language is Italian.

They also use the Euro as the official currency, even if they are not a member of the European Union. Let’s find out what you need to find a job in San Marino.

Introduction: Job Market in San Marino

San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world, with roughly 61 square kilometers of Area and a population of slightly more than 30.000 inhabitants.

San Marino is famous as a tourist destination (especially for those visiting Italy) and for its former Formula 1 GP (which was in fact outside the San Marino territory).

The peaceful micro-state is what a growing number of people are looking to start a new life, away from the big city fast-paced lifestyle. Getting a job in San Marino is however not so simple, for a number of factors.

The first key factor is that San Marino itself is one of the smallest countries in the world. Considering this, the job market in San Marino is extremely small both in terms of jobs available but also in terms of job sectors.

The other important aspect is that San Marino is not part of the EU. In other words so citizens of the EU and EEA have no immediate access to its job market. Apart from that, expect to have fluent knowledge of the Italian language for most of the offers available.

Getting a Job and a Residence Permit in San Marino

To key factor to determine the success of your career in San Marino is to get someone who is willing to hire you. Once a company is willing to hire, you will have to address yourself t the Ufficio del Lavoro (Government Job Office) and to the Gendarmeria (State Office) to legalize your stay in the Republic of San Marino.

Best Websites to Find a Job in San Marino

Here are some good websites to start searching for a job in San Marino:

Ufficio del Lavoro (job offers): this is the government official web site for employment, the link will redirect you directly to the jobs currently available.

San Marino Annunci: A San Marino website with ads and classifieds. There is a section for jobs.

Indeed: this is an Italian website, but there also a few job offers in San Marino. You can do a filtered search for San Marino

Other Job Options to Consider in San Marino

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