Switzerland Best Country for Expats According to HSBC

Switzerland is now the best country for expats according to a latest survey. What makes it special?

When expats look for a country to move to, they have a specific criteria. They consider the average salary in the country, what is in the country and how far they can bring their career. One survey said that Switzerland is the country to go to for expats.

Geneva, Switzerland

On July 4, premier bank HSBC released the Expat 2019 Global Report and highlights that Switzerland is the best country for expats to relocate. The country dethrones Singapore, which was last year’s top choice for expats to relocate to if they are sent out by their employers. Several reasons were highlighted in the report on why Switzerland dominated this year’s rankings.

Why should expats relocate to Switzerland

According to the survey results, Switzerland dominated the rankings because of its high quality of life. At least 70% of its expat community that took part in the survey said that it had a safer natural environment than their home countries. The country also has a low crime rate and has a stable economic and political environment. These allowed the country to jump from last year’s eight place to first this year.

Furthermore, expats report that they enjoy a paycheck of $111,587 annually in Switzerland, which is higher than the $75,966 average for expats. It follows Shanghai and Dubai in this ranking as expats from both countries earn between $140,000 and $150,000 on average every year. Career opportunities are also a plenty in Switzerland thanks to quick promotions.

Toronto, Canada

For the other categories in the survey, Canada led the list for good living conditions. Respondents report that Canadians are welcoming to expats. It is followed by Spain, who love the Mediterranean atmosphere. Singapore leads the ranking for family benefits thanks to the number of schools for expat children.

The Expat 2019 Global Report survey asked 18,059 overseas workers in 163 locations. HSBC says that its survey is focused on the condition of these foreign workers overseas. Some news reports say that the survey is an overall verdict on the country in general.

How to Get to Switzerland?

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