List of Wine Producing Countries in Europe

This post will analyze which nations are the top wine producing countries in Europe and how important is this industry to their economies.


Wine is not only a delicious beverage with enthusiasts in almost every culture in the world, but also a great driver of the economy in a number of countries and regions where it is produced. In this list of the top wine producing countries in Europe, you will see in which countries wine production is contributing to each nation’s economy and society.

Ranking of European Countries by Wine Production

Here is some data for the year of 2013 showing wine production in the top wine producers among the European countries (not all wine producers in Europe are on this list, just the most relevant ones):

Country Wine Production in 2013 (Tonnes)
France 4,293,466
Italy 4,107,370
 Spain 3,200,000
 Germany 840,900
 Portugal 630,800
 Russia 573,200
 Romania 410,000
 Greece 311,530
 Hungary 261,800
 Austria 239,195
 Serbia 230,580
 Ukraine 168,247
 Bulgaria 130,500
 Moldova 120,104
 Georgia 98,800

France tops the list which is absolutely not a surprise, due to its tradition in wine production, plus favorable climate and geology conditions.

The same can be said about Italy and Spain, following as the second the third on this list, which are also countrie with a long gastronomic tradition and ideal Mediterranean weather conditions for wine production.

After the top three, other countries in Europe have a much less significant wine production, however Portugal, a much smaller country compared to the top three has a significant wine production, and proportionally it can compete directly with France and Italy with its Porto wines.

Another interesting point worth to mention is the wine production in countries which were part of the Iron Curtain or the Soviet Union, which are finally benefiting from open markets and are now able to export their productions regionally and even to other continents.

Romania is probably the biggest surprise on this list, having a bigger production than its neighbor Hungary, which has wines more well knows in the west.

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