Lithuania Launches Online Residence Permit Applications

Lithuania begins its online residence permit applications for interested foreigners. Check out how the process will go down below.

It can be very difficult to get a residence permit in some European countries. Foreigners have to appear personally in their local embassy and submit all sorts of requirements. However, with visa applications now automated, countries like Lithuania are now using these technologies to make their residence permit applications easier.

How Can You Get a Lithuanian Residence Permit Now?

On Monday, October 28, the Lithuanian government said that they are now streamlining their immigration program to help the economy’s growth. They will no longer do its very strict qualification process and made it easier to apply for a residence visa.

The new system now allows foreigners to submit their preliminary applications online and schedule their biometrics at their local Lithuanian embassy. Once their online applications have been received, applicants will receive an appointment confirmation. They will also be able to apply for their Schengen visa with the confirmation given to them.

Visa-exempt nationals and Schengen visa holders are now able to travel to the country, where they can file their biometrics and application with the Lithuanian migration authorities.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Meanwhile, since biometrics and photographs are submitted early, residence cards will be made immediately. Once the temporary residence permit application is ok, applicants will easily get their residence cards without having to apply for it separately.

The new system reduces the waiting time for applicants to get their permits. Previously, they must stay in Lithuania and file their application. They also have to wait in the country until their work permits are active. Supporting documents must be available early with the new system. This can speed up the process in getting their permits ready and waiting for a decision. However, it can be tricky to get a proof of residence early while you are abroad.

This is not the first time online applications became available for the government to streamline applications. As of October 14, all temporary residence permits are now online.

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