How to Travel from Madrid to Valencia (Bus, Train, Flight)

How to travel from Madrid to Valencia? In this post we will analyze the options to travel from the Spanish capital to Valencia by bus, train and plane

Are you exploring Spain and starting in the capital? Check below how to get from Madrid to Valencia by bus, train and flight, including a guide on how to buy tickets for this route.

Madrid to Valencia

Madrid to Valencia: The Route

While Madrid is the capital of Spain and a starting point for many visitors to Spain, Valencia is probably the most underrated in the country. The capital is a vibrant city full of entertainment options and historic sites. Apart from that, it is a great beach destination and certainly more affordable than Barcelona.

The distance by land from Madrid to Valencia is of approximately 360 kilometers. As Spain has one of the most developed tourism and transport infrastructure in Europe, traveling between these two cities is easy and there are a lot of options.

Let’s explore the options on how to travel from Madrid to Valencia by train, bus and plane below.

Madrid to Valencia by Train

One of the best options to travel from Madrid to Valencia is by train. Numerous direct trains operate this route daily, and it is usually a smooth and very comfortable ride.

There are basically three options to travel by train from Madrid to Valencia. There is the AVE trains (fastest), InterCity trains moderate travel duration and Regional trains.

The AVE is the fastest option and the trip from Madrid to Valencia usually takes just 1 hour and 45 minutes. It is also the most expensive option, but if you buy in advance, prices can be pretty decent.

InterCity and Regional trains will be cheaper than AVE, but they take longer. The InterCity takes roughly 4 hours to complete the journey and the Regional even more, as it makes a lot of stops along the way.

Trains on this route leave Madrid from the Atocha Station and arrive in Valencia at the AVE Station (for AVE trains) or at the Valencia Nord Station (for InterCity and Regional trains) both stations are pretty close to another. The location of the stations is some minutes walk to the center of Valencia’s old town.

valencia ave train station
AVE Station

How to Buy Train Tickets in Spain

You can buy train tickets online and at the station in Madrid, the prices do not change much if you buy online or offline. The most important thing is to buy in advance in order to get the promo fares.

You can buy tickets online on the Trainline website. You can also compare the options on the Renfe website.

Madrid to Valencia by Plane

Traveling from the Spanish capital to Valencia by plane may be a good option, especially if you buy your tickets in advance. The trip duration is of just one hour, making of it the fastest option. However, you should bear in mind the time it takes to get to the Madrid Barajas Airport, and then in Valencia from the airport to the city center.

Valencia Spain Night Street

There are two companies offering daily direct flights between the two cities: Iberia and Air Europa.

Both airports in the capital as in Valencia are accessible using the city’s metro network. The Valencia Airport is considerably closer to the center than the one in Madrid. Depending on where you are in the city, the overall time of the journey can be faster by train (AVE), if you take in consideration the time to get to the airport.

How to Buy Flight Tickets from Madrid to Valencia

The best option is to compare prices and book using Jetradar. Alternatively, you can do at Iberia and Air Europa websites.

Madrid to Valencia by Bus

The cheapest option to travel from the capital to Valencia is by bus. That is especially the case if you didn’t plan your trip much in advance. The trip by bus can be quite pleasant, and the duration of the journey is of approximately 4 hours. Several buses operate on this route daily. One of the biggest bus operators in this route is Avanza Bus.

The best option to compare and buy bus tickets from Madrid to Valencia is using Trainline.

Accommodations in Madrid

CC Atocha – a great option close to the Atocha Station in Madrid.

Ibis Madrid Aeropuerto Barajas – a reasonably priced option to stay close to the Madrid Barajas Airport.

Accommodations in Valencia

Hulot B&B Valencia – a cozy guest house in the old town of Valencia.

The Westin Valencia – one of the most luxurious accommodation options in Valencia.

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