Minimum and Average Salary in Chisinau, Moldova

In today’s post, we will analyze the minimum and average salary in Chisinau, Moldova, to understand better the cost of living in this landlocked European nation

Considering investing or working in Moldova? This posts brings up to date information on the average and minimum salary in Chisinau, Moldova (2019).

Chisinau CathedralChisinau Moldova – Photo by Hans Põldoja

The minimum and average salary in Moldova are great data to analyze the country’s economy. Below we will check the current data for wages in the country, and Moldova’s economic outlook.

One of the best ways to access costs in a country is taking the figures for minimum salaries, average salaries, analyzing its difference and their correlation with the purchasing power in the country.

In the case of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, the recent turbulent socioeconomic past of this young country has influenced its finance and the financial possibilities of its people. Since Moldova got independent from Soviet Union in 1991, the country has struggled to position itself economically in an Europe polarized by Russia in one side, and the European Union in another.

Let’s see how these facts have affected the present reality of salaries in Moldova.

Minimum Salary in Chisinau, Moldova

Moldova is currently the poorest country in Europe, and it shows. As of 2020, Moldova has a minimum salary of 2610 Moldovan lei in the private sector. That is roughly equivalent of slightly more than 152 dollars. You can check the source for this data here.

With a salary which is extremely marginal, even for Moldovan prices, the number of citizens of Moldova who emigrate to countries like Romania, Italy and Russia is rampant, as virtually any job in this location will bring a better perspective than living on minimum wage in Moldova.

Average Salary in Chisinau, Moldova

The average salary in Chisinau is not that exciting either. According to Moldovan National Bureau of Statistics, the average brutto salary in Moldova is 7385 Moldovan lei, or roughly $422. According to, the average salary after tax in Moldova is 5816 MDL, or roughly $332.

That is quite bad for residents of Chisinau, considering the cost of living in Moldova. Utilities for example, are not that much cheaper than countries in the region with higher salaries, like Romania and Ukraine.

Moldova Economic Outlook

Despite its quite poor economic outlook, Moldova does offer opportunities for foreigners. It is considerably easier to get a residence permit in Moldova than in its neighbor Romania. That includes both permits related to employment, running your own business or other reasons.

However, the country has still not manage to become attractive in the international scenario. For that reason, Moldova continues as a country with a strong negative net migration rate.

Daily Travel Budget in Chisinau, Moldova

Train in Moldova – Photo by Clay Gilliland

For foreign tourists, the low income and purchase power in Moldova translates into opportunities. If you are visiting or investing in Moldova, your money will definitely go further here than in its neighbors. Dorm beds start at around 6 € and private rooms (for 2 persons) start at around 15-20 €. Prices are seasonal and may vary greatly.

An inexpensive meal at a local restaurant can be found at around 3 €, and a dinner for two in an average restaurant can cost around 10 €.

If you are looking for accommodation, you can check the options available in Chisinau on

Economic Outlook in Moldova

The economic outlook in Moldova remains rather modest, as it is still suffering from domestic and regional problems. It is definitely the right time to visit Moldova, as prices remain relatively low and demand is stable.

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