How to Travel from Munich to Vienna (Bus, Train, Flight)

How to travel from Munich to Vienna? In this post we will discuss the best options to travel by bus, train or plane from Munich to the Austrian capital

Are you traveling from Germany to Austria? Check the best options to get from Munich to Vienna and vice versa, including bus and train ticket prices on this route.

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The Austrian capital

Munich to Vienna: The Route

If you are travelling from Germany to Vienna there are good chances you will visit Munich and Vienna. While the first is one of the wealthiest cities in Germany, the second is the capital of Austria and a great place for architecture and history enthusiasts.

The distance between Munich and Vienna is of approximately 420 km by land (depending on the route you take. The good news is, since both Germany and Austria have a highly developed transport infrastructure, there are plenty of options to travel between Munich and Vienna. Both countries are also inside the Schengen area, and in normal circumstances, there should be no stops in the border between both countries.

It is currently possible to travel between Munich and Vienna by train, bus, car and plane. Let’s check below the pros and cons of each of these options, including prices, travel duration and how to buy tickets from Munich to Vienna.

Munich to Vienna by Train

One of the best options to get from Munich to Vienna is traveling by train. The train is at the same time cheaper than the plane (in most cases), and more comfortable than the bus. There are many trains running between these two cities daily, so it is also pretty convenient.

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Most trains operating on this route are Railjet trains from ÖBB (Austrian Railways). In some arrangements you might do a connection in Salzburg and continue with a train operated by WestBahn. In some cases the trains might be partially operated by DB (German Railways).

The travel duration is of 4 hours for direct trains, and slightly above that for trains with one connection.

How to Buy Train Tickets from Germany to Austria

There are two options for those willing to buy train tickets from Munich to Vienna:

Trainline – one of the best websites to buy train tickets in Europe. – the Deutsche Bahn website.

Germany to Austria by Bus

The cheapest option to travel between Germany and Austria is by bus. Most of the scheduled buses in this route are from the German company Flixbus. The travel duration if you take a direct bus from Munich to Vienna is of 5 hours and 30 minutes.

How to Buy Bus Tickets from Munich to Vienna

There are two websites you can consider to compare and buy bus tickets for this route:

Flixbus – one of the biggest bus companies in Europe.

Trainline – a great website to compare and book buses in Europe.

Flights from Munich to Vienna

The fastest way to travel from Munich to the capital of Austria is flying. However, one should bear in mind all the pros and cons of flying before buying your ticket.

The flight time from Munich to Vienna is of just one hour. The companies operating on this route are currently Lufthansa and Austrian Airways. Since neither of these companies are low cost airlines, you should expect a flight ticket in this route to cost slightly more than a train ticket, and considerably more than the bus.

Another aspect of choosing the plane is traveling from Munich to Munich Airport and then in Vienna from the airport to the city center. The Munich Airport is quite far from the city center (37 km) and regardless of how you will get to the airport, this trip is itself rather long. In Vienna, however, getting to the city center is considerably faster, and you can do it in just 16 minutes with the City Airport Train.

How to Buy Flight Tickets from Munich to Vienna

The best option is to compare flights from Munich to Vienna on Jetradar. Alternatively, you can also book directly at Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines.

Munich to Vienna by Car

Another option, which is extremely comfortable and flexible, is to travel from Munich to the Austrian capital by car. You can either do this with your own vehicle or a rental car. There are no problems crossing borders with a car from Germany to Austria, as both countries are part of the Schengen area. You can compare and rent a car on

Hotels in Munich

Hotel Jedermann – a reasonably priced hotel close to the Munich Central Railway Station.

Hotel Schlicker – a great hotel in a very central location in Munich.

Hotels in Vienna

Hotel Kärntnerhof – a great hotel in the Innere Stadt area in one of the best places to stay in Vienna.

Mercure Grand Hotel Biedermeier Wien – an excellent option to stay in the Landstraße district of Vienna.

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