Parent Visa Costs May Shun High Skilled Migrants to New Zealand

Parent Visa in NZ

The new price for New Zealand’s Parent Visa may shun high skilled migrants to the country. Why will it matter? Some migrants have the opportunity to petition for their families to follow them to their new home. It often takes a few months or years for them to process and … Read more

EU Commissioner Says Croatia is Ready for Schengen

Croatia to be a Schengen country this year?

The EU Home Affairs Commissioner says Croatia is now ready to join the Schengen Area. Find out why he said that. It is possible that a new country will be joining the Schengen Area at the end of the month. For EU’s Home Affairs Commissioner, Croatia is ready to join … Read more

Montenegro Starts Taking Applications for Golden Visa Program

Golden visa in Montenegro

Montenegro is now starting applications for its golden visa program. Find out more about this visa. To get investors to come into the country, some countries offer a golden visa program for them to avail. Using these golden visas, they can stay in the country and get citizenship. Some people … Read more

Thai Baht’s Rise Worrying Tourists and Expats


The rising rate of the Thai Baht is causing tourists and expats to worry. What is it doing? Thailand’s national currency, the Baht, is appreciating in value in the past couple of years, and its impact is now being felt across the country. In the case of the country’s tourism … Read more

Croatia Airports Reach Passengers All Time High in August

Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia’s major airports are reporting a passenger record for August. Find out the details of this record below. Croatia is one of Europe’s most visited countries thanks to its closeness to the Adriatic Sea. Its beaches and health resorts are a hit for many Europeans who want to escape the … Read more

Spain Ranks Most Competitive Country in Terms of Travel and Tourism

Barcelona, Spain

Spain has been named as the best country for travel and tourism. Find out which other countries made the list. The latest travel and tourism ranking of the World Economic Forum has been released this month. Dominating the rankings are Spain, France, Germany, Japan and the United States. Each one … Read more

Dubrovnik Sees Tourism Record Numbers

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik records the highest number of tourists for 2019. Check the details below. Croatia is a favorite for many tourists who wish to see the sea. Out of all its cities, Dubrovnik is a favorite for its connection to the hit series Game of Thrones. It is also an architecture … Read more

Portugal Foreign Residents Hit Record High

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal Foreign Residents Hit Record High. Why is Portugal appealing to many foreign residents? Find out why below. Expats have a lot of criteria when it comes to picking the country they like to move into. Some look for countries where they can relax and go to places rarely found … Read more

Greek Islands Pays for People Willing to Move There


A remote island in Greece is looking for tenants who like to live there. See what is being offered below. Some people often dream about retiring in a tropical or idyllic island far from cities. There are few people who get to live this dream while others just dream of … Read more

Cost of Living in Lisbon, Portugal


Cost of living in Lisbon: check below the costs related to daily expenses, real estate, entertainment and transport in Lisbon, Portugal Are you planning to visit or maybe move to Lisbon, Portugal? Below you can check the data for the cost of living in Lisbon, the capital and the biggest … Read more