Dresden to Prague by Bus and Train Guide

This guide will analyze how to travel from Dresden to Prague by bus and train, featuring how to buy tickets, timetables and what is the best option to travel between these two European cities

Are you traveling around Central Europe? If you are travel from Dresden to Prague or vice versa, this guide will help you to choose between the bus or the train in one of the busiest routes in the region.

dresden to Prague train or bus
Prague Main Railway Station.

Dresden to Prague: The Route

Both Prague and Dresden are beautiful cities with an unique history in the middle of Europe. While Prague is one of the top destinations in the world, Dresden receives significantly less tourists. However Dresden is right in the route between Berlin and Prague, and it is definitely worth visiting it for its architecture.

The distance between Prague and Dresden is of just 146 kilometers, and the German city is the perfect stop when traveling from Berlin to Czech Republic. Considering its short distance, Dresden is the perfect day trip if you are staying in Prague.

Traveling from Prague to Dresden or vice-versa is uncomplicated. Since both Germany and the Czech Republic are in the Schengen area, there are no border formalities while doing this trip.

The most popular options to travel from Dresden to Prague are taking the bus or the train. Let’s analyze these and other options below.

Dresden to Prague by Bus

Traveling from Dresden to Prague by bus is probably the most flexible option. There are a few companies operating the service and you can travel at almost anytime on this route using the bus.

Tickets are also pretty cheap and can be purchased online from all companies operating in this route. From Dresden most buses depart from Bayrische Strasse bus stop, which is right next to the Dresden Main Station (Dresden Hbf). Some buses also make a stop at the Dresden Airport, which might be convenient for some.

In Prague most buses call at the Florenc Bus Station, which is pretty central. Some buses also stop at the Prague Main Station (Hlavni Nadrazi).

The bus from Dresden to Prague is also faster than the train, as the buses are mostly direct. Some of the companies operating this bus route are Flixbus, Regiojet, Eurolines and DeinBus.

How to buy bus tickets from Dresden to Prague

Buying your bus ticket from Dresden to Prague and vice versa is simple and quick. You can compare and buy bus tickets on Trainline, checking which option is more suitable to your traveler needs.

Alternatively, you can also buy your tickets directly at Infobus.eu.

Dresden to Prague by Train

Another great option to travel from Dresden to Prague is taking the train. There are various day trains (and some night trains) operating on this route. The trains from Prague to Dresden are operated by Deutsche Bahn and Ceske Drahy, the national railway companies in Germany and the Czech Republic, respectively.

There are just a few stops between Dresden to Prague, as the distance is quite short. The longest is probably in Usti Nad Labem, but it doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

The main advantage of taking the train is the level of comfort, usually higher than at the bus in terms of legroom. However, trains in summer can be rather crowded on this route.

Check our trains from Prague guide if you are traveling by railways in Czech Republic.

How to buy train tickets from Dresden to Prague

Buying train tickets from Dresden to Prague is also quite simple and can be done online. You can buy the tickets Trainline, or alternatively get them from the Deutsche Bahn website.

Dresden to Prague by Car

Finally, you can also travel by car from Dresden to Prague. This option is quite flexible as you can stop along the way and start whenever you want. However, this option is probably the most expensive, unless you are traveling with at least 3 people. Road conditions are pretty good all the way from Dresden to Prague.

How to rent a car in Czech Republic and Germany

Renting a car in both Germany and the Czech Republic is pretty easy as they are both destinations with a highly developed tourism infrastructure. For renting a car you will usually need a credit card (a debit card might be enough in some cases) and the driving license from your country. In most cases, the driving license from your country will be enough to rent a car, without needing to have an international driving permit.

Usually when renting a car if you deliver it in a different place that you pick it up, charges apply. In most cases, you can drive in all Schengen area countries with a rental car.

Compare prices and rent a car on RentalCars.com

Dresden to Prague by Plane

Even if both Prague and Dresden have airports with a good infrastructure, there are no direct flights between these two cities. Since the distance between the cities is short, and the land transports are reliable and cheap, there is little interest from airlines to fly on this route.

Hotels in Dresden

Hotel Am Terrassenufer – a reasonably priced option in Dresden, just a 10-minute walk to the Frauenkirche church.

IntercityHotel Dresden – a modern option right next to the Dresden Main Railway Station.

If you want to know more about hotels in the city, check our guide on where to stay in Dresden.

Hotels in Prague

Residence Tabor – an reasonably priced hotel in one of the best areas to stay in Prague, with a good breakfast.

Bed&Books Art Hotel – a great hotel right at the heart of Prague in the District 01.

If you want to know more about the best areas in Czechia’s capital, check our guide on where to stay in Prague. You may also want to check our Prague travel budget guide.

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