Riga Airport to City Center: How to Guide

How to get from Riga Airport to city center? This post will guide you on the various options to get from the airport in the Latvian capital to its city center

Are you visiting Riga, Latvia? Check below our guide on how to travel from Riga Airport to city center using the bus, taxi, or by car.

riga airport to city center

Riga Airport: Why Riga?

The Riga Airport (IATA: RIX) is the biggest in passenger traffic in the Baltic States. It is a great starting point to explore the region, including not only Latvia by Lithuania and Estonia. The Riga Airport is at a distance of approximately 10 kilometers to the city center (depending on where exactly you are going in the center).

Another important aspect that drives passengers to the Riga Airport is its key position as a connection hub in the region. Riga is the headquarters and the main hub of the airBaltic, the flag carrier low cost airline of Latvia. In fact, airBaltic offers some of the cheapest connecting flights between cities in the European Union, but also from many European countries to Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and others.

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The city center of Riga is very compact, and is comprised of the old town and the city center. While the airport is west of the river Daugava, the city center is to the east. The two sides of the city are connected by many bridges.

For those continuing traveling by bus from the Latvia bus station, the bus stop in the center is a short walk to it. To buy bus tickets in Latvia check infobus.

Knowing of how relevant is the Riga Airport, there are good chances you will eventually visit it if you are traveling in Europe. Now, let’s check the best options to travel from Riga Airport to city center.

Riga Airport to City Center Bus and Van (Public Transport)

The cheapest option to get to the city centre from the airport in Riga is using the public transport. Riga is a relatively small city considering the fact that is a capital, so it does not have a metro network. For that reason, you can take a bus or a van, ran by Riga Satiksme, which is the public transport operator in the Latvian capital.

As you exit the arrivals area at the airport, first you will see an area for taxis, and then if you will cross the road and walk a little bit left after the parking lot, you will find the bus stop. The bus number 22 takes you to the center and a single ticket costs 1.15 euro, however, if you buy it from the driver, it will cost you 2 euros.

For those taking the mini bus (van), the number is 233.

Riga Airport to City Center by Taxi

Another option to get to the city center is traveling by taxi. Prices in Riga for taxis vary quite a lot, and this is very important to choose a taxi at the airport to take you to the center, or to any place for that matter.

Basically, every taxi in Riga is required to have printed on its door the price of its ride, which is shown by three different prices. The price to start a ride, the price per km, and the price per minute. From my experience, especially the price per km can vary a lot from company to company.

For that reason, make sure you are not getting an expensive taxi to the city center. If the price per km written on the door is of 1.99 eur, you are definitely paying too much. To minimize this cost, I recommend using the Bolt app, a similar service to Uber but which also includes taxis. Alternatively, you can get a taxi from Baltic Taxi. They have a both inside the arrivals area, and their prices are rather competitive for Riga standards.

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Riga Airport to City Center by Transfer

Finally, you have the option to book a transfer. It may be a good idea in some specific cases, as in if you are in a bigger group. For basic rides with up to 4 passengers, the other options are considerably cheaper.

Hotels in Riga

Hanza Hotel – an excellent budget accommodation relatively close to the Riga Central Market.

St. Peter’s Boutique Hotel – a pleasant and refined accommodation option in Riga old town.

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