Where to Stay in Prague, Czech Republic

best places to stay in prague

Where to stay in Prague: This guide will cover the best areas to stay in the Czech capital, including hotels in Prague, and a cost of travel analysis of this charming European city Looking for the best place to stay in Prague? Let’s find out the main attractions of the … Read more

Average and Minimum Salary in Prague, Czech Republic

prague minimum average salary

Average and minimum salary in Prague, Czech Republic: let’s analyze wages and income data in this unique European capital Have you considering moving to Prague or to some other city in the Czech Republic? Check the data for the average and minimum salary in Prague, Czech Republic to summarize the economic reality … Read more

Cost of Living in Prague, Czech Republic

cost of living in prague

Cost of living in Prague: let’s analyze costs of food, real estate, entertainment and transport in Prague, Czech Republic Are you considering moving to Prague, Czech Republic? Check below the data for the cost of living in Prague, the capital and the biggest city in the Czech Republic. Cost of … Read more

Trains from Prague, Czech Republic

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This post will feature the most important railway connections in the Czech Republic, analyzing trains from Prague to all countries with direct railway routes If you are considering using taking a train in Prague to continue a short weekend trip or a long European railway tour, this article will guide you … Read more

Czech Property Prices Increasing and Strong

Czech Republic

Czech property prices are increasing and strong right now. Check the rates below.  Many foreigners dream to purchase homes overseas because it can serve as a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle. Some countries have very affordable properties, with a few offering benefits for foreigners. For the properties in … Read more

Czech Republic to Ease Visa Schemes to Attract Foreign Workers

The Czech Republic is revising its visa policy for foreign workers. Check out what changes will be applied. The Czech Republic is very popular for tourists who like to see unique architecture that dates back to the Medieval times. Foreign workers also see the country as a promised land because … Read more

Czech Republic Receives Record Schengen Visa Applications

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic reports a high volume of Schengen visa applications. Find out more below. For those interested in flying to the Czech Republic, travelers will need a Schengen visa or a Czech visa. The country is home to some of Europe’s well-preserved medieval cities, museums and cathedrals. It also … Read more