Thomas Cook Airlines Goes Bankrupt

Thomas Cook Airlines

Long-time airline Thomas Cook Airlines goes bankrupt. Find out why they declared bankruptcy. One of Britain’s longest travel company, Thomas Cook, opened opportunities for many British citizens to travel around the globe. They have their own fleet of 50 medium and long-range jets under Thomas Cook Airlines and several subsidiaries, … Read more

American Airlines Adds Flights to Central Europe, Africa

American Airlines

American Airlines announces new flights to Central Europe and Africa. Check out the flight details below. American Airlines is one of America’s largest and oldest airline companies. It operates 6,700 flights every day to 350 destinations around the world. Its recent announcement expands its operations further to new destinations. On … Read more

Cabo Verde Airlines to Increase Operations in America, Africa

Cape Verde

Cabo Verde Airlines announces new changes to its operations. What changes can be expected? While Cape Verde and its major airline, Cabo Verde Airlines, are not well-known, both are making headlines. The airline is now making a re-entry in helping the country become an intercontinental hub for the region. On … Read more