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May 30, 2020

Train from Warsaw to Minsk – Price, Tickets and Stations

This post feature the best train connections from Warsaw to Minsk, featuring prices and train station directions in both cities

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Minsk Train Station Photo by Artem SvetlovIf you are planning to travel by train from Warsaw to Minsk, this post will bring all the information you will need to have an comfortable journey. It includes information on how to buy tickets and directions from and to the railway stations in Warsaw and Minsk.

The Warsaw Minsk route is relatively busy. The Warsaw – Minsk leg is usually part of longer trains from different European cities enroute to Moscow. As Warsaw is the capital and Minsk is the capital of Belarus, this route is used by tourists and locals, and Belarus citizens working in Poland.

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Warsaw to Minsk by Train: Overview
Train Stations in Warsaw
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Traveling time from Warsaw to Minsk
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How to Travel by Train from Warsaw to Minsk: Overview

There are basically two options to travel from Warsaw to Minsk. One is more more comfortable, but more expensive. And the other involves connections but is much more affordable

Option 1: Direct Train from Warsaw to Minsk

There are a few trains traveling daily from Warsaw to Minsk. Some of the trains passing from Warsaw to Minsk travel on the routes from Budapest to Moscow, Paris to Moscow and others.

These trains normally have couchette and sleeping cars, as they are intended for long journeys. Unfortunately it is not possible to buy tickets on this route online. The routes and timetables also constantly change, depending on the time of the year, you can check them at the Rail Europe website.

Option 2: Using Domestic Trains from Warsaw to Minsk

This option is much cheaper than the previous, but it is more time consuming. You can travel from Warsaw to Terespol at the Belarusian border with a domestic train. In Terespol, there is a regional train on the route Terespol (PL) to Brest Centralniy (BY). Brest is the first city after the border.

From Brest (Brest Centralniy Station) you can take a domestic train to Minsk. But the connection times especially in Terespol might be far from optimal.

Train Stations in Warsaw

Warszawa Centralna Photo by Paul Sableman

There are three stations from which you can start your train ride from Warsaw to Minsk.

They are Warszawa Wschodnia (Eastern Station), Warszawa Centralna (Central Station) and Warszawa Zachodnia (Western Station). There is no price difference regardless the station you start from, so ideally you should start somewhere near your accommodation.

If you are staying near the Warsaw Central Train station (Warszawa Centralna), you can check accommodations near this station on

If you are staying near the Warsaw Western Station (Warszawa Zachodnia), you can check accommodations near this station on

If you are staying near the Warsaw Eastern Station (Warszawa Wschodnia), you can check accommodations near this station on

Train Stations in Minsk

There is just one main station in Minsk (Minsk Passazhirski) and it will be your point of arrival in the capital of Belarus. It is quite a big station with an information desk, however do not expect that all Belarusian Railways employees will understand English. From the station you can easily take a taxi or use the Minsk metro to your destination.

If you are staying near the Minsk Railway Station (Minsk Passazhirski) , you can check accommodations near this station on

Traveling Time by Train from Warsaw to Minsk

If you take a direct train from Warsaw to Minsk, in optimal conditions the ride will take 10 hours. At the Polish-Belorussian border the wait is quite long, as the gauges are changed and passports are checked. If you opt for using domestic trains the ride can easily reach 20 hours.

How to Buy a Train Ticket from Warsaw to Minsk

Currently there is no way to buy a train ticket from Warsaw to Minsk online. The ticket price starts at around 100 € for direct trains.

If you opt for traveling using domestic trains you can buy the Warsaw to Terespol leg online from the PKP website. The Belorussian part of the journey can be purchased at

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