Train from Wroclaw: Time and Destinations

If you are willing to by train from Wroclaw, it will be probably one of the best options to get in and out of this Polish city, as flights are not too numerous.


Getting a train from Wroclaw to your destination is the best option in virtually all scenarios, as there are very few flights in the city’s airport, and most of them are low cost companies flying to UK and the Netherlands.

Where to stay near the Wroclaw Railway Station?

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Let’s check some destinations reachable by train from Wroclaw:

Train from Wroclaw to Warsaw (and Warsaw to Wroclaw)

One of the busiest train lines in Wroclaw is the one connecting it to the Polish capital Warsaw, there are direct trains leaving almost every hour and the trip takes from 3.30 to 5.30 depending on the train route (EIC or TLK).

Tickets start at 66 PLN (roughly $ 16 / € 15)

Train from Wroclaw to Krakow (and Krakow to Wroclaw)

If you want to get a Train from Wroclaw to Krakow there are number of direct option running at each 2 hours (with some slight variations). The normal expected travelling time for this route is between 3 and 3.30 hours.

Tickets start from 39,90 PLN (roughly $ 10 / €11)

Train from Wroclaw to Germany (Dresden)

If you want to get to Germany from Wroclaw or the other way around, the closest biggest city is Dresden, in Saxony. There are 3 train frequencies from Wroclaw to Dresden and back, operated by a regional train from the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship railways.

If you want to travel from Wroclaw to Berlin, the fastest choice is the bus. Alternaively, you can travel from Dresden and from there take another train to Berlin (it will be much more time consuming than the bus).

As of March 2016 tickets cannot be purchased online but they cost 80 zl according to this website.

Train from Wroclaw to Prague (Czech Republic)

There are no direct trains linking Wroclaw to Prague, and the easiest option if you want to take this trip by train is taking a direct train from Wroclaw to Pardubice hl. n. With this optimal solution, the trip will take about 5 hours to be completed.

There is no information regarding the price of this journey.

Train from Wroclaw to Vienna (Austria)

There are no direct trains connecting Wroclaw and Vienna, Austria.

The easiest and fastest way to accomplish this journey is travel by train from Wroclaw to Katowice, and from Katowice catch a direct train to Vienna. In the optimal scenario this trip will take 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Train from Wroclaw to Bratislava (Slovakia)

If you want to travel from Wroclaw to Bratislava in Slovakia, your best bet is, just like if you want to go to Vienna, travel to Katowice and make a connection to a direct train to Slovakia, which is also not very much available, so, you will have to probably do another connection in Breclav, Czech Republic.

If you want to travel by train from Wroclaw to Budapest in Hungary, you can follow the same steps as to Bratislava, as most trains travelling from Katowice to Bratislava continue onto Budapest.

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