Trains from Lublin, Poland

If you are willing to travel in some of the trains from Lublin to Poland, this post will guide you through and explain the best options to reach this quaint Polish town using railway transport.

This article features information on trains from Lublin, and how to optimize your traveling to one of the most quaint cities in Eastern Poland.

Lublin Old Town by Jan Kraus / Flickr

Even if Lublin benefits from an interesting location in Eastern Poland close to the border with Ukraine and Belarus, there are very few international trains from this city, and even the number of direct national trains connecting Lublin to the other Polish cities is quite low if compared to the number of connections in cities like Katowice, Krakow and Lodz.

This is mostly explained by the fact that most lines go through Warsaw and Krakow, and lines going from Warsaw to Russia do not pass through Lublin. Lublin has though, direct trains to the Ukraine from its main train.

If you plan to travel from Lublin to Belarus you have two options, since there aren’t direct trains: the first option is going by bus, and the second option is taking a train to Warsaw and from there travelling onward to Belarus. You can check the connections on the Brest (Belarus) bus station website.

Lublin Train Station

The Lublin train station is considered one of the best in Poland, especially after its relatively recent renovations. The main building is relatively big and has shops and a sitting area.

The Lublin station (Stacja Lublin in Polish) is next to the Park Ludowy and some 500 meters from the city’s old town.

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International trains from Lublin

Trains from Lublin to Kiev, Ukraine

Lublin is part of the rail line that connects Warsaw to Kiev, and also connects Lublin to some other important Ukrainian cities along the way, such as Luts’k and Rivne. This service runs once a day.

Domestic trains from Lublin

Lublin has a number of daily connections with Warsaw, and tickets can be purchased on the PKP Website, which is the Polish national public railway operator.

There are also direct trains with some daily frequencies connecting Lublin to Lodz, Wroclaw, Katowice and Krakow.
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