Trains from Vilnius, Lithuania

If you are looking for information on trains from Vilnius, Lithuania and what options are available in terms of buying the cheapest train tickets in the Lithuanian capital, this page is for you.

Even if Lithuania is a full EU member and also a Schengen member, the country has a modest train infrastructure. The trains tracks are mostly inherited from Soviet times and currently oriented to domestic train travel.


However one can still reach a number of cities and countries with direct trains from Vilnius, such as: Minsk, Kaliningrad, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Vilnius Train Station

There is one railway station in Vilnius that handles all the national and international railway traffic in the city. The train station is located in the center of the city and at a walking distance to most of the city attractions.

I strongly recommend choosing a hotel close to the Vilnius railway station. Being close to the sttion and the center at the same time will minimize your transport needs.

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There is also a supermarket in the main building of the Vilnius train station. It is working hours are quite long and it is very hand if you are leaving early or late.

Travelling by train from Vilnius often makes more sense if you are taking a domestic route, but here are the possible connections:

Train from Vilnius to Kaliningrad

This is probably the second busiest international train route passing through Vilnius, and it connects Kalinigrad, Lithuania, Belarus and the rest of Russia. There are from 1 to 3 frequencies per day.

Trains from Vilnius to Minsk

This is certainly the busiest international train route departing and arriving from Vilnius. Even if the distance of this route is relatively short (180 km) it takes roughly 5 hours of travel. The long wait is due to the necessary stop at the border between Lithuania and Belarus.

According to the site tickets start at around 25 dollars.

Trains from Vilnius to Moscow

There are much fewer trains on this route and they are all part of the greater router between Kaliningrad and the continental Russia.

Tickets start at around 80 US dollars.

Trains from Vilnius to Riga and Tallinn

Even if there are plans in the future to build a Baltic railway, the project is called Rail Baltica and it’s due to operate in 2030.

Trains from Vilnius to Warsaw

In the past there were daily trains connecting Vilnius to Warsaw, but currently this line is not operated anymore. The same goes for the line Vilnius to Saint Petersburg, inactive as of march 2016.

Trains from Vilnius to Klaipeda and Kaunas

Unlike international railway lines, the domestic situation of trains in Lithuania is by far the most developed of all Baltic states. The new Pesa 730ML trains are being delivered in 2016, which reach speeds of up to 140 km/h. You can buy domestic train tickets online in Lithuania from the website