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    • If you want to open an account in a real bank, you must go to a bank branch in the United States physically. For Nigerian users I would recommend an EMI like Payoneer.

  1. I have a company registered in FL. My Partner is states resident. Is there any way I can open an account for myself in USA? We have our corporate account in Regions Bank. But it is still under her name.


  2. I wish to invest in property in the USA and need a bank account there. Can I open an account in an American bank while sitting in London?

    • If it is a personal account the answer is no in almost all cases. You will need to visit a branch in the US. But you can invest in the US property market through REITs or real estate crowdfunding platforms.

  3. I have opened an LLC in florida, USA
    Can I open a bank account without travelleing to USA ?

    Thanks & Regards,


  4. It is possible to open an account for a company register en Central America in order to receive payments from a company register en USA -FL

    • I did not understand you completely. Do you want to open a US bank account for a company incorporated in a country in Central America?

        • In that case an EMI like TransferWise is also the best option. Open a corporate bank account with TW for your central American company. Get paid on TransferWise and you can withdraw to a local account in your country of origin.

  5. Hi there! What bank would you recommend if I have a Wyoming LLC with an EIN? As the owner, I’m non US resident and I don’t have an SSN – this unfortunately has been a sticking point in the past.

        • If you have an US bank account you will have a card, you can withdrawal from the card or make a bank transfer to your bank in your country of residence. For those using TransferWise, you will also get a card (depending on your country of residence). If you live in a country where the card is not available, you can still send the money to a bank account in your country of residence.

  6. Hello Jon,

    I am looking to open my LLC in Wyoming & I have couple of questions and the bank account I would get through TransferWise,

    1. Would I be able to use this bank account like regular bank account along with option to deposit funds via Paper Checks, Wire or ACH? I mean all regular ways?
    2. Would I be able to use TransferWise on our website as a ecommerce tool, send invoice to the customers for payments, I mean as merchant service like PayPal?


    • 1. Yes for everything, except for paper checks.
      2. Not directly. You will still need a merchant account with a company like PayPal, Stripe or 2Checkout. Then, you can withdraw the funds from the merchant account to your TransferWise business account.

  7. Hello, I need to open from Argentina a US non resident account , in a Bank with branches ,to take the money cash ,if its necessary. And provide me, a free debit card can you help me?

    • In this case you need to go to the US in person to open the account if you want to deposit cash. I can recommend TD Bank.

  8. Hi,

    What is the maximum limit per transaction? like Payoneer has a limit of $5500 which a client can pay to you.

    What’s the limit for Transferwise?

    • You can raise your Payoneer limit depending on the size of your business. Mostly, TransferWise has no limits, but it will depend on your account and location. For USD currency accounts, the receiving limit per day is 250K, and for business accounts 3 mil.

  9. I’m a USA citizen residing overseas. I already have a USA checking account with a full bank in CA but want to transfer to an O.L. Banking. They offer more and better benefits. Do I have to prove residence in the USA to open the account? My SS check is deposited into my checking account in CA.
    What do yo recommend?

    • If you have a valid SSN you do not need to have a US address, but this requirement might change from bank to bank. If you want to open an account with a bank that requires an US address you can buy a virtual address that handles mail for you and is not a PO Box.

  10. Hoal quisiera saber que otra alternativa a Mercury Bank existe para abrir una cuenta bancaria online para no residentes de EE.UU pero teniendo un EIN?

    • para empresas de EE.UU. donde los proprietarios no son residentes la mejor opcion es la cuenta TransferWise Borderless.

  11. Hello I want to open a savings account in the USA. I’m from South Africa but want a USA bank account so I may save money there to visit the USA at some time or for investments in the USA will I be able to open an account.

    • Yes, but you will need to travel to the USA to open the account.
      If you can’t travel you can explore two other alternatives.
      The first alternative is to open an account with an EMI like TransferWise. You will be able to save money in US dollars. Once you travel to the USA you can then open a physical bank account there and send the money on TransferWise to the physical bank if you wish.
      The second option is opening a brokerage account in a broker accepting international users like Interactive Brokers, you can save money there in US, buy stocks or something more conservative like a bond ETF and then, you can send money from the broker to any account you may open in the future in any country through a wire transfer.

  12. Hello Jon,
    I’m a non US alien trying to open a bank account and I do have a SSN because I went to school there. I’m not residing in the US so if TD
    Bank requires a proof of address how can I get an account? I do have friends who live in the US that can help me with an address to receive my documentation, is there any branch you recommend that can help me open it without the need of the proof of address? Thanks in advance.

    • It depends from branch to branch and from state to state. I know people that have successfully opened accounts with TD bank showing a proof of residence from their country of origin (even in Spanish or Portuguese). This was in Florida. You still have to travel there physically to open the account if you don’t have an SSN. If you do have an SSN you might be able to do it online, but I haven’t tried this as mostly I am working with people without SSN.

  13. I am an indian citizen and I own a single member managed LLC in Texas. I will be changing the structure from member managed to manager managed. I will hire a manager however he is not going to be a “member” of the LLC (He is going be a non-member).

    Which banks allow a non-member manager to open a business checking account for my LLC? Please advice. Thank you!

    Postscript – Chase and Bank of America turned me down. They said the manager must be a member of the LLC. If I would have went ahead with Chase, they would have opened the account however they would have only given me read-only access and my manager would have been given full access to funds.

    • Hi Prashant,
      In your case, if you are unable to come to the US physically, the best option is going for an EMI like Wise or Mercury. I think it will be very hard to open a corporate bank account in a retail bank if you can’t come actually in person. But, with the EMIs like Wise or Payoneer, you will get an ACH number and also a number to receive Wire transfers. This way, even if you are in India you will be able to run your business and receive payments from US clients to your US LLC.

  14. I opened a BOA account 5 years ago in Miami, Florida during my vacation. Since then I only used the account twice, just found out now that they closed my account. The money in the account was reported by BOA as unclaimed property in California where I left my address. My question is, am I able to reopen the account not being in the States? Or will the cancellation of my account affect my future application for a account in the states.

    • It depends, are you an US citizen, or a foreigner with a green card? If the answer is yes, you will probably be able to open it online (you may still need an US address). If you are not an US citizen, and if you don’t have an SSN, the answer is no.

  15. I am a US citizen living in the Philippines but without a US address. I need a US bank account to have my pension check direct deposited into. I am old and cannot visit the US. Is it possible for me to open a US account with out a US address or visiting there?
    Dave at [email protected]

    • In most cases you will need an address. You may get one without an US address if you go to the US and visit a branch. To open it online, in most cases an US address (and your SSN) will be needed. You can get it from a friend or relative, or from one of the many companies providing these type of services. You can receive your direct deposit in a bank account in the Philippines though, you don’t need an US account if that’s the only purpose.

  16. I have online friend from USA, he said he wanted to send me some money so he asked me to open an USA bank account online… He sent me a link to fill n I tried it many times… I did not get any notification from the bank yet… N he keeps asking me about the account number…. Can I open an account while I don’t live in USA, I’m living in Indonesia… Or any other options he can send me the money easily???

    • You have to call to the branch and ask to that exact branch (maybe you will need to call a few ones) what they require. Then, you book an appointment at that specific branch and then open it. Do not call to any generic branch number. Call to a specific branch.

  17. Hi Jon, which Florida branches were people able to use proof of residence from origin country please for TD Bank please?

    And do you know which cities Bank of America are accepting non-residents without social security or proof of US address?

  18. Hello,

    I am considering creating an LLC in Wyoming (the business will be completely online). I am trying to figure out what is the best banking solution for me. As a non-resident and non-citizen, I would have to get ITIN, FEIN, etc. I am able to do all of that online but banking is a problem.

    Can I use a Wise account? Will it count as a legitimate, full-fledged U.S. business account (for business and tax purposes) without me needing to visit physically?

  19. Just wanted to let you know regarding Wells Fargo:
    I’ve been a non US resident-customer for the past 10 years. Worked fine!
    Just got a mail 2 days ago that they will be closing all accounts without a permanent US address, so no more WF accounts without…
    Too bad, have to look for a new option

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