How to travel from Venice to Verona (Train or Bus?)

How to travel from Venice to Verona? In this post we’ll discuss the best options to travel from Venice to Verona, including traveling by train, bus, and car

Do you want to travel from Venice to Verona, or vice versa? This handy guide can help you find the best route between two of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations including a guide on how to buy train and bus tickets in Italy.

venice to verona train bus
Venice (Venezia), Italy.

Venice to Verona: The route

If you traveling in Northern Italy, there are good chances you will want to visit both Venice, or Venezia in Italian and Verona. These two cities are located approximately 115km apart, depending on which route you take.

Venice is one of the world’s most famous cities, where you can enjoy beautiful canals, jaw-dropping architecture, and tasty street food. In Verona, you can take in a performance at the open air opera house, re-enact a famous play on Juliet’s balcony, and immerse yourself in a rich cultural experience.

Adventurous tourists can even break their journey up by making a stop in Padova.

Thanks to Northern Italy’s excellent infrastructure, there are several ways to travel between the two cities. And the good news is, almost all of them take less than 2 hours. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of each option, including prices, travel duration and how you can buy your tickets.

Venice to Verona by train

The easiest, fastest, and most comfortable way to travel between Venice and Verona is by train.

Catch your train from Venezia Santa Lucia, the only station within walking distance of the city centre. From here, your ticket should be to Verona Porta Nuova, the largest and most central station in the city.

There are usually more than 50 trains per day operating between these two stations, so you have loads of choice. Prices usually start from €9, and depend on type of tain and season. The cheapest ticket will get you onto a regional train – slower, older trains which make several stops along the way. These are okay, especially if you’re travelling on a budget.

For those with a bit more cash to flash, high speed trains start at €16. They are generally more comfortable than the regional trains and make fewer stops.

Most of the trains operating on this line are from Italy’s national train network – TrenItalia. These include regional, FrecciaRossa, and FrecciaBianca trains. The remainder are from Italo, a private company, which are easily recognisable from their distinctive rabbit logo.

Train times can be as short as 57 minutes on a high-speed train. Regional trains can take anything from an hour and a half, up to two and a half hours.

How to buy train tickets from Venice to Verona

You can buy train tickets in Italy both online and offline. However, it is advisable to book in advance to get the lowest possible fares. The best options for buying train tickets between Venice and Verona are:

Trainline – One of the best websites to buy train tickets in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. – The Italian national railway company.

Venice to Verona by bus

You can travel from Venice to Verona by bus, and prices start at approximately €8. From the centre of Venice, it’s best to book a bus from Tronchetto, the main car park by Piazzale Roma.

Buses that leave from Mestre or Marco Polo airport require extra planning. Mestre is a ten-minute journey from Santa Lucia train station, and it costs €1. The airport is twenty minutes away which costs €2-3. A train is probably more convenient.

How to buy bus tickets from Venice to Verona

The best options for buying bus tickets between Venice and Verona are:

GoEuro – As mentioned above, this is a great guide to public transport all over Italy and Europe.

Flixbus – one of the biggest bus companies in Europe.

Flights from Venice to Verona

It is not possible to fly directly from Venice to Verona. However, the excellent rail and bus links mean that even if you could, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble!

Venice to Verona by car

Renting a car to travel can end up being very expensive! A small car, like a Fiat 500, starts at €14 per day, but this doesn’t include fuel or a deposit.

verona train bus

For such a short journey, it’s a better idea to use a car sharing website such as BlaBlaCar, where you can find rides with locals for as little as €6. It’s a great way to practise your Italian!

Hotels in Venice (Venezia)

Hotel Alla Fava – a reasonably priced hotel close to the Rialto Brigde, in a privileged location in Venice.

Hotel Rio – a great accommodation option close to the St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco).

Hotels in Verona

Hotel Aurora – an reasonably priced hotel in one of the best areas to stay in Verona, close to the Juliet’s house.

Hotel Bologna – a great hotel close to the Arena, in the center of Verona.

Other resources for travelling in Italy

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Are you already in Italy or traveling to the country soon? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment box below.